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Muneeb Imran is a data solutionist, Information Security Engineer by Profession in Multi-National Telecommunication Organization based in Saudi Arabia. He is an active reader with a deep interest in information security, foreign policy, International Relations and Cricket. He can be contacted at microchip839@hotmail.com. The views expressed in this article are authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

Why Pakistan needs a cyber army?

Muneeb Imran | Recent weeks have been marred by the stories of ‘Data Breaches’ in various banks of Pakistan where data theft took place of...

How organizations can respond to cyber challenges

Muneeb Imran | Cyber Warfare is no longer a distant reality, where various nation states are allegedly posing Advanced Persistent Threats to another state, the...

Challenges in cyber space & Pakistan’s counter strategy

Muneeb Imran | In the 20th Century, oil was the most important commodity that drove growth and production but that is not entirely the case...

Learning methods that suppress critical thinking

Muneeb Imran | Sitting with old colleagues, who parted ways into either different departments of the same organization or into different organizations, the discussion became...



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