Maintaining Law and order in Afghanistan: Another challenge for Taliban?

Afghanistan’s justice system is in a catastrophic state of disrepair. The majority of Afghans still have little or no access to judicial institutions. Judicial institutions have withered to near non-existence and the lack of justice has destabilized the country.

An important message from Afghanistan!

The Taliban declared the restoration of their Islamic Emirate, days before the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks that sparked the U.S. invasion in Afghanistan. The new government places core hard-line leaders in top positions and excludes women and minorities

Why Turkey and Iran find soft power more difficult than hard power?

Dr. James M Dorsey, an award-winning scholar opines that neither Turkey nor Iran can afford the setbacks that often are the result of hubris. Both have bigger geopolitical, diplomatic, and economic fish to fry and are competing with Saudi Arabia and the UAE for Muslim world leadership.

What is the future of bilateral ties between Afghanistan and Iran?

Iran has close linguistic and cultural ties to Afghanistan, particularly with Tajiks, Persian-speaking Afghans in Herat Province, and the Hazara, a Shiite minority residing in central and northern Afghanistan. Iranian influence in this region runs deep; especially in the city of Herat.

How US stabbed Pakistan in the back? – (Part 2)

According to Asif Haroon Raja, a war veteran, the US is clearly upset by the growing rapport between Pakistan and the Taliban, they are trying their best to penalize both by using the tools of diplomatic isolation, economic war, proxy war, hybrid war and sanctions.

Pakistan will be a partner in peace, but not in war

According to Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Pakistan was a close ally with the US during the cold war era, War in Afghanistan during the 1980s, and the war on terror, but, paid a high price and in return got sanctions and coercion from the US. The nation is not willing to repeat the same mistakes again.

How US stabbed Pakistan in the back? – (Part 1)

The US frostiness towards both Afghanistan and Pakistan coupled with fluid and uncertain conditions in Afghanistan have dampened Pakistan’s optimism.

How Hindu extremists are destroying Muslim identity of Bangladesh

The Hindu extremists not only burnt the flag of Bangladesh in several places, they also attempted to cross the Bangladesh-India international border.

“Was this our War?” A General reflects back!

Lt. General (R) Tariq Khan, Ex-Head Pakistan’s Central Command opines that it has taken Pakistan many lives and a lot of treasure to achieve peace. It is time to consolidate the concept of how this State ought to function in the future.

How merit has been manipulated in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, merit is losing its importance. There are several appointments where 'Merit' has been manipulated to accommodate friends right under the gaze of the PM Secretariat. Despite complaints, no action is taken to correct the mischief.

Why defamation case on Reham Khan is important in terms of accountability?

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari has won his defamation case against Reham Khan a broadcaster and former wife of the premier at the London High Court. The decisions in the UK actually have really highlighted the lack of accountability in Pakistani media

Why there’s an urgent need for democracy in Afghanistan?

Stable democracy may be an elusive prospect in Afghanistan, but that in itself is no reason to stop talking about it. Although many Afghans might well prioritize security from violence over elections in the short term, voting rights are still widely valued across Afghanistan.