Why Biden’s Asia-Pacific strategy is deeply flawed

At the first anniversary of the Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Biden administration's primary focus remains the Quad and the AUKUS, both of which take frequent mentions in the latest State Department report.

Arab plan for Syria puts US and Europe in a bind

The Syrian president’s rejection of a Russian request that he meets his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, suggests that Mr. Al-Assad will be equally opposed to key elements of the Arab proposal.

America’s dependence on oil consumption

The writer talks about the United States' dependence on oil consumption along with some of its policy aims. America's reliance on oil is shown by the very large and growing number of vehicles in the country.

Pakistan: A Client state or a Pivot state?

A client state is dependent on another state while a pivot state is able to play a critical role in world affairs.

Pakistan Day: Reflections & Resolve

Polarisation, favoritism and politicization within State institutions are showing their disastrous results. Law and order have totally collapsed and terrorists attack any place they want with impunity.

Depth and Warmth of China-Pakistan Relations

The support that China and Pakistan give each other is considered significant in global diplomacy, and has been compared to Israel–United States relations and Russia–Serbia relations.

Why economic cooperation is key to strengthening the US-Pakistan relationship

Presently, the United States and Pakistan are experiencing a particularly difficult period in their relations, following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. The way forward is through increased economic cooperation.

Chinese debt trap diplomacy – Myth debunked

The problem with a few people in this country is that they buy the western media agenda hook line and sinker. Then they believe that agenda and promote it to get a few likes on social media and enjoy the acceptance of it by other ignorant people.

What China offers to students from Gilgit Baltistan

China’s investments in Gilgit-Baltistan and an all-weather partnership with Pakistan seem to have superseded the decades-long demands of the locals in Pakistan’s decision to grant provincial status to the region.

China’s Saudi Iranian mediation spotlights flawed regional security policies

While much of the discussion in recent years has focused on Iran’s strategy of creating a defense line far beyond its borders by nurturing and/or supporting aligned militias in various Arab countries

Saudi Iranian détente potentially sparks paradigm shifts

At the same time, Saudi Arabia, which like the UAE, has designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, appears to be cautiously reviving ties to figures allegedly associated with the Brotherhood.

Pakistan’s fascist regime risks replicating the East Pakistan tragedy

One of the most populous countries in the world is being pushed towards civil conflict by those conspirators who illegally usurped power with the US’ help last April and subsequently crashed the economy.