CPEC: An opportunity or another East India Company?

At the time of the East India Company, the subcontinent was rich in resources and the British only wanted to extract resources under Mughal rulers, whereas, China stepped in Pakistan when it did not have many resources compared to history.

Pakistan: On the road to nowhere? -Lt Gen (retired) Tariq Khan

In Pakistan’s case, it is a common belief and a widespread perception that the Coalition, sitting in Government today is a product of connivance with the US and who is in power not because the people wanted them but because the US wanted them more than the people.

Is US containment of China a new ‘War on Terror’?

Can the US afford an acrimonious relationship with China? Should the US peruse a hostile policy against China in Indo-Pacific? Should US government representatives pay official visits to Taiwan? Should the US cement its military & trade cooperation with Taiwan?

Climate change: India and Pakistan’s biggest threat?

For almost five consecutive years cities in India and Pakistan remain among the top ten most polluted cities in the world. By November 2021, 48 cities from India and Pakistan made it to the list of the top hundred most polluted cities in the world.

How to live a productive life?

The existing societies and economic challenges can be met, as a nation, thereby making individuals more productive. The productivity of every citizen plays a crucial role in societal transformation and sustainable economic development.

Why the nation needs to cool down the political temperature in Pakistan?

The legality of the current government in the absence of PTI from the assemblies is a big question mark. The Punjab government is also in legal crisis and lacks clear legitimacy. Law and order situation has deteriorated. Terrorism has increased.

The unexplained murders

Imran said that he had recorded a video of all those elements involved in the alleged United States-backed conspiracy against him “so that if anything happens to me people should know about them (conspirators)”.

The Kazakhstan conundrum and its impact on Central Asia

Political opposition to the government is virtually non-existent in Kazakhstan. It is critical to understand that the January protests were not initiated by any leadership or a coordinated effort. The protests were a raw exhibition of public sentiments unguided by a unitary platform.

North Korea role in East Asian Region

The Juche system of North Korea, make the East again countries more modest in nature in order to protect its state's anarchic system in the East Asia. It is filled with many type of distrust which make the situation more worsen.

National Gender Policy Framework: A step forward for women empowerment in Pakistan

In Gender Inequality Index, Pakistan is ranked at 133 out of 160 countries. On a ranking of the Global Gender Gap Index, it is 151 out of 153 countries. Pakistan stood last in the ranking for the advancement of female leadership in government.

While US destroys through incessant wars, China builds Economies

China has become a key source of development finance in Africa, building a huge high speed rail network with two of its biggest investments in East Africa being the Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway and the Kenya Standard Gauge Railway.

Toshakhana: The mother of all corruption?

There is a panel that categorizes the gifts as antique or with emotional or historical values to be retained and displayed in the Toshakhana. Gifts which are categorized as such are not offered to the recipients. The rest of the gifts are offered to the recipients.