Justice system’s response to crimes against women

Society responds to crimes and wrongs in various ways. At the institutional level, it responds through its justice system, which manifests itself through its...

Pak-China friendship: Partners in countering challenges

The US did not digest the rise of China and perceived it as a threat. It is projected that the Chinese economy may surpass...

China’s remarkable efforts against climate change

The US has always blamed China for initiating global warming by emitting high levels of carbon emissions. Mohammad Jamal Ahmed puts things in perspective by explaining that while China does account for more than 25% of the world’s emissions, it also diligently leads the fight against climate change.

Wakhan Corridor: A new great game in Central Asia?

According to Tamseel Aqdas, the Wakhan Corridor is steadily becoming a new point of competition for countries. The current dynamics lie in favor of China and Pakistan; nevertheless, both India and the USA have initiated measures to alter the tide.

China shows India nightmares in the Indo-Pacific region

According to available reports (including those from India), the Chinese walked into Ladakh with virtually no resistance from the Indian Army and since then have refused to entertain discussion on returning the territory.

Indictment of Trump’s ally: UAE lobbying efforts in trouble?

Mr. Dorsey, an award-winning journalist, opens up about Thomas J. Barrack, who maintained close ties to UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and served as an influential advisor to former US President Trump by his views on UAE's lobbying efforts. He also talks about how muslim brotherhood builds political structure in the Middle East, thus affecting the US administration.

Cowardice or for peace? Why Afghanistan forces surrendering to Taliban?

Development comes in the wake of an escalating cycle of attacks being launched by the Taliban

PTI’s love affair with immigrant Pakistanis

Muhammad Ayaz Khan opens up about the account of when PTI first came into power and how the overseas Pakistanis reacted to it. He tells us how immigrants look at the actions of the current government and how people transform as law-abiding citizens as soon as they leave Pakistan.

The Changing Afghan chessboard: Is it up for grabs again?

With the exodus of US troops from Afghanistan and the speed at which the Taliban has advanced northwards, fears reign that power vacuum might emerge again as the intra-Afghan talks have made little headway. As the battlespace in Afghanistan straddles the border with Pakistan, new challenges are in store for the latter. With competing factions within Afghanistan pitch for influence and the regional states turn to safeguard their stakes checkmating chaos to secure a stable future in is dire straits.

Social Media: Lobby of the powerful?

Abdul Rehman Butt talks about how tech giants are now controlled by the powerful entities. He uses examples of recent escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine and how the voices of Palestinians were suppressed by censoring their views.

Taliban-Kabul agreement: A miracle Afghans are waiting for

In Moscow, the Taliban after meeting with Russian officials declared that the group would not attack provincial capitals to prevent large-scale fatalities.

PM Khan! Unlock Pakistan’s growth potential this way!

The hurdles to growth in the economy such as protectionism spearheaded by trade policy are affecting the productivity. Pakistan can unlock it's growth potential by taking some key policy measures as suggested by Mr. Shahid Sattar, the executive director of APTMA. For one instance, textile exports can increase to $20 billion by 2021 but this requires one key input: