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Monday, May 20, 2024

Pakistani Twitter schools Bakhtawar Bhutto over sex-related crimes in Sindh

Internet users, including actor Feroze Khan, ask the daughter of former president if the PPP government is implementing her advice to stop crime in Sindh

Bakhtawar Bhutto, the daughter of former President Asif Ali Zardari, in a tweet last week, shared solutions to control the rising rape and sexual assault cases in the country. However, internet users slammed Bhutto, asking her why the PPP-led Sindh government had not implemented such solutions.

“Rape is so rampant & ignored from madrasahs to parking lots to homes from women to children to animals #Pakistan needs sex education. It is the most underreported crime – the only way forward is education & instead of pretending – we need to confront, voice, and teach better!,” wrote Bakhtawar in a tweet.

She had commented on the tweet of a female Twitter user who tweeted against the public hanging of rapists. Bhutto tweeted on the topic after a national outcry over the horrific gang-rape case of a woman in front of her children near Lahore last week.

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Twitter users asked Bhutto if the government-run schools were functioning smoothly in Sindh. They also asked Bhutto to tell them what measures the provincial government had taken to control rape cases in Sindh.

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Actor Feroze Khan, while commenting on her tweet, said, “I would like to ask you what has your party being doing while In power all these years ?? Are you finally waking up??”

Other social media users commented that PPP had opposed the bill calling for the public hanging of rapists in the National Assembly presented by PTI minister Ali Muhammad Khan.

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