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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Balakot Incident revealed Indian Air Force is Unprofessional & Untrained

Former Pakistan Air Force Chief Sohail Aman observed that the post-Pulwama events and the botched Balakot strike reveal that the IAF not only lacks the ability to conduct professional-level strategic planning but also, its aviation training is beneath international standards.

Former Pakistan Air Force Chief Sohail Aman raised some serious questions about the professionalism and strategic planning capabilities of the Indian Air Force and highlighted how IAF does not reflect professional planning strategies and its aviation training also ranks below international standards.

The Former PAF Chief Sohail Aman made these remarks while addressing the roundtable conference hosted by the Pakistan Institute of Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS), held to deliberate upon the eve of the Indian Air Force Day.

October 8th is celebrated as the Indian Air Force Day across India. The newly appointed IAF Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, on Thursday, released a laughable promotional video, featuring the falsified story of the botched Balakot strike that destroyed alleged “terror camps” on Pakistani soil.


The new IAF Chief Bhadauria said that the IAF will emerge with a new resolve to “fight terror”, and an award was announced for the 51st Squadron of captured IAF Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman.

IAF: Unprofessional & Untrained

Addressing defense and security analysts at the roundtable conference held in Islamabad, former PAF Chief Sohail Aman observed that the aviation training of the IAF fighter pilots is not up to the leading international standards.


Air Chief Marshal (r) Sohail Aman said that the manner in which the PAF fighter shot down Abhinandan’s jet, and the manner in which the Indian fighter pilots conducted the botched Balakot “strike” reveals that the IAF not only lacks professional-level strategic planning but also, it reveals that the pilots have received very poor training.

He said, as cited by PICSS, “Look at the level of their training that one of their SU-30 was shot down 25 miles inside of the territory India controls”.

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He was recalling one of the IAF Russian SU-30 fighter jets that was hit by a Pakistani pilot within 25 miles of its control area, without even crossing the Line of Control. The Former PAF Chief said that war is not the solution to any problem, however, the Pakistan Air Force must be prepared to launch a response against any form of aggression.

Indirectly responding to the IAF Chief Bhadauria’s remarks that the Indian Air Force is prepared to launch more “Balakot style” operations on Pakistani soil, the former PAF Chief observed that the major issue of the Indian Air Force remains that it is as weak as a local thug with a knife in his hand, who lacks the skill to use that knife against the opponent.

PAF is Battle-Hardened

Air Marshal Chief (r) Sohail Aman observed that during the last fifteen years, the Pakistan Air Force has become a battle-hardened force, and post-Balakot counter strikes conducted by the PAF on Indian targets are like a “cakewalk for our pilots.”

He said that it has become a matter of routine for the PAF fighter pilots to carry out successful strikes against Indian targets.

Recalling the post-Uri scenario when New Delhi had threatened to conduct strikes within the territory of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sohail Aman stated that the PAF had assumed aggressive posturing within hours of the Uri attack, which discouraged the Indians from undertaking any misadventure on Pakistani soil.


In September 2016, a militant in occupied Kashmir carried out one of the most disastrous attacks on the Indian military forces in the Uri region of Occupied Kashmir’s Baramulla district. The attack claimed the lives of 18 Indian soldiers, and in its typical knee-jerk reaction, New Delhi blamed Pakistan for orchestrating the attack. Air Marshal (r) Sohail Aman was the PAF Chief during that period.

The Former PAF Chief also highlighted the lack of coordination amongst the various departments and branches of the Indian military. He observed that on 27th February, the IAF shot down its own Mi-17, even though there was no air fight or battle going on. He stated that as far as Pakistan standards and training procedures are concerned, the events of 27th February were just part of normal operation.

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In response to a question on whether Israeli pilots were involved in IAF’s botched “Balakot strike”, and whether any Israeli pilots were arrested by the Pakistan Army, Sohail Aman did not provide any direct answer. However, he observed that if Israeli pilots were collaborating with the IAF, the turnout of events reveals that their operation and professional capability is “also ridiculous.”

Sohail Aman observed that war is not a solution to the longstanding issue of occupied Kashmir, however, the Pakistan Armed forces must remain prepared for any misadventure. He observed that Prime Minister Imran Khan has done justice to his pledge of highlighting the Kashmiri cause in the UN General Assembly, but there is great need to keep this issue alive with consistent efforts.