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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Beautiful Balochistan Beaches Are Pakistan’s Unexplored Tourism Treasures

Balochistan, laden with the breath-taking mountainous landscape, will now see the development of its mesmerizing long coastal belt to boost tourism in the province.

The government of Balochistan is working on a comprehensive plan for turning beaches into lucrative tourist spots.

Balochistan possesses a magnificent coastal belt of 700Kms but due to lack of infrastructure and facilities, the province has been unable to get its fair share of profit from tourism.

Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal presided a meeting with the Balochistan Coastal Development Authority (BCDA) in Quetta. BCDA officials apprised CM Balochistan about the immense potential for tourism locked in beaches like Gadani, Jiwani, Pasni, Kund Malir, and Haft Talar or Astola Island.

The attendees of the meeting added that if developed, these beaches can serve as potential tourist spots for international and local visitors, and will also support the local economy, provide employment and help flourish small businesses.

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Director-General BCDA lauded the governments’ initiative terming it beneficial for both the province and country.

Earlier, the Balochistan government announced the construction of five tourist resorts in its coastal areas to cater to the need of local and foreign tourists visiting the area. The government had allocated Rs.150 million to revise the master plan of provincial coastal areas and set up tourist resorts in Kund Malir, Gadani, Ormara, Jioni, and Kalmat. The development of the coastline is also meant to facilitate local fisheries.

They said Fishermen Cooperative Society would also be established to ensure the welfare of fishermen. The fisherman would also be given shelter under the Prime Minister Naya Pakistan housing scheme.

The official sources added that the government was striving to provide basic facilities to the people of Balochistan. A holistic strategy was prepared to provide them with basic education, health, sound infrastructure support system and clean drinking water.

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The government of Balochistan has also invested a large amount of Rs.426 million on the project of purchasing sea ambulance, and installation of monitoring system in the boats for better tracking of fishermen in the sea.