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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bilawal Bhutto calls PM Imran ‘incompetent, unskilled’

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Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, chairperson Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), has called Prime Minister Imran Khan “incompetent and unskilled” while speaking in a National Assembly session on Monday.

Demands Imran Khan’s Ouster

“The selected prime minister should be the one who should be relieved from his position,” the PPP leader said in reference to the departure of former finance minister Asad Umar. After PPP chairperson’s uncalled for comments, the PTI lawmakers left their seats and chanted slogans against the PPP.

Accusation of Links to Terrorists

Bilawal once again angrily accused a federal minister of having close associations with terrorists. “If the government is serious about action against terrorists they have to sack the minister,” he said. “The anti-democracy minister considers us a threat. If they think we will remain silent over their abuses then let them it’s not possible.”

PM Khan reportedly made it clear that anybody who challenges the writ of the state shall not be spared.

Former finance minister Asad Umar has denounced all accusations of supporting extremist outfits and clarified that he had met some religious leaders during his election campaign.

Asad Umar was asked months ago for a response to the PPP’s allegations of harboring ties with banned radical outfits. The former finance minister laughed it off and asked the journalist his opinion, “Do you think I have any ties with such outfits?”

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Accusation of Protecting Leaders of Banned Outfits from Indian Planes

Earlier, the PPP chairperson had claimed that the government did not arrest the leaders of the banned religious outfits but took them into “protective custody” to save them from Indian jets.

“They have been taken into protective custody so that the Indian planes don’t blow them up,” Bilawal told reporters. The PPP chairperson was commenting on the federal government’s recent crackdown on banned outfits, including Jaish-e-Mohammad and Jamaatud Dawah.

PTI Committed to NAP Implementation

The government has announced to implement the NAP in letter and spirit. The government has banned some organizations and arrested several leaders and members of various organizations. Besides, several mosques and religious seminaries have been taken into the control of the state to regulate them.

Prime Minster Imran Khan also said during a meeting of the federal cabinet that his government was taking action against banned organizations in the best national interest. PM Khan reportedly made it clear that anybody who challenges the writ of the state shall not be spared.

Chairing a PTI’s parliamentary party meeting, the premier clarified that the crackdown on banned militant outfits was an internal security matter and the government had taken the decision without any external pressure.