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Monday, February 19, 2024

Bio Warfare: Did China Stumble upon “Virus” it could not Control?

World had long forgotten the biological warfare but the controversies attached to Corona virus breathed a new life in it. Was the virus bio engineered in the Wuhan virology lab? Was it intentionally released or did China stumble upon something it could not contain?

While Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in China it, unsurprisingly, has kicked started some conspiracy theories too. With stocks sinking, major US companies leaving China or closing their businesses for an indefinite period of time, and death toll rising, comes a theory that tried to debunk the mystery behind the sudden attack of a “New Virus”.

The date is February 3rd 2020 and over 17,500 have fallen victim to a new mysterious illness. So, far 362 have died and over 35-40,000 might be infected in the worst case scenario. Thousands of videos have emerged so far on social media showing people collapsing in the streets and overcrowded hospitals failing to provide the services to all the incoming. Doesn’t this remind you of something!

Hundreds of movies in the Hollywood.

Wuhan is home to several of China’s most advanced biological research labs and seems to be at the epicenter of the virus outbreak. Most popular among these labs is Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s most advanced biological research lab, which according to Danny Shoham is the center for covert Chinese biological warfare program.

Danny Shoham, former Israeli military intelligence and biological warfare analyst, having a record of extensively studying the Chinese biological warfare, in his piece in The Washington Times, claims that Wuhan Institute of Virology has been helping Chinese military to build biological warfare that is considered the future of the art of war.

There have unconfirmed reports that Wuhan Corona virus is a Chinese biological weapon that was intentionally released into Chinese populated areas or the Chinese stumbled upon something they couldn’t contain.

While all such theories are unconfirmed, yet the Hollywood addled brains of the world went into panic as the new disease continues to grow stronger and expand in reach. Corona Virus has reportedly been spreading rapidly around the world with cases emerging from Asia, Europe & North America.

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Corona virus’ common symptoms are fever, cough, headaches, diarrhea, pain in muscles, fatigue, sputum production and hemoptysis. While the virus is also known to be causing severe respiratory illness. Not much more is known about the virus than it shares similarities to Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

“Certain laboratories in China have been engaged in biological warfare in terms of research and development” Shoham told The Washington Times. “Work on such weapons is a part of China’s dual civilian-military research and China has actively been working it to keep it “covert” he added.

While “Israeli military experts” point at intentional misuse of nature, several others rejected the idea of a man made virus. Richard Ebright, a renowned chemical biologist rejected the idea and said that ‘looking at the genome structure and properties, it can surely be ruled out that there is a human hand in the virus’ birth”.

Tim Trevan, a biological safety expert, maintains that, ‘there is only one source of the vast majority of these new, nasty diseases and that is Nature”.

Several experts in the field of chemical warfare from around the world have denied the accusations of human intervention and concluded on the basis of not finding any convincing data to support the theory.

Corona virus has turned into a global alarm and is an accelerating publish health issue. Chinese government has been engaged in every possible way to contain this epidemic.

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Whether it emerged from eating bats, or from Wuhan’s fish market or from a facility engineering bio weapons, it is here, it is killing people and it needs to be stopped.