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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Brave survivor of stabbing attempts, Khadija Siddiqi becomes a barrister

Khadija Siddiqi, a survivor of 23 stabbing attempts has successfully completed her Law degree from City Law School.

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Khadija Siddiqi became a barrister after passing 12 examinations. According to the university, she has garnered “very competent” grade and her graduation ceremony will be held in October this year.

She completed her Law degree from Blackstone School of Law and came to study in the UK in September 2018.

While talking to media outlets she expressed her delight for passing all her bar examinations. Khadija shed light on her profound experience of interacting with people of different backgrounds.

I missed a week of lectures and some important classes but that somehow became secondary to the big battle I had been fighting for the previous 3 years.

She stated that “Studying at City Law School in London has been a wonderful experience. I was able to get very unique exposure to people from all over the world.”

Appreciating the diverse environment of the UK and her instructors, she said: “The teachers were all exceptionally considerate and helpful throughout the year.”

Adding that, “I gave a few talks at various universities and worked as the youth ambassador for PTS foundation UK. London is a diverse city and gave me a lot of room to experience different cultures.”

Khadija continued her studies despite a stressful situation. She had to travel back to Pakistan during her examination to attend the hearing of the case that eventually concluded in her favor.

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Khadija plans to return to Pakistan to continue her practice as a lawyer. Siddiqi aims to become the strength of the voiceless people, adding that, “I hope and pray God gives me the will power and strength to give a voice to the voiceless and bring about judicial reforms in the near future.”

She recalled having received a call from her lawyer barrister Salman Safdar asking for her appearance in the Supreme Court for the final hearing of her case.

“He said that the case could be heard in my absence too if it was getting hard to come back midway bar course. But somewhere deep in my heart, I knew that all hopes were hinging upon my case, how they were eagerly waiting for justice to be served,” said Khadija.

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“It became my obligation and duty to be present in the Supreme Court of Pakistan for my case hearing. I did not give it a second thought and booked my ticket. I missed a week of lectures and some important classes but that somehow became secondary to the big battle I had been fighting for the previous 3 years,” Khadija Siddiqi said in conclusion.

Khadija Siddiqi’s journey of perseverance has set an example for women and numerous victims of injustices to fight back and never give in to the circumstances.