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Monday, May 27, 2024

BTS Fans Bid Farewell as SUGA Announces Military Enlistment Date

Despite SUGA's upcoming absence, BTS has reassured fans that they will continue to create and share music together as a group.

BIGHIT MUSIC, the group’s record label, issued an official statement on September 17, notifying fans about the upcoming mandatory military service enlistment date of the SUGA.

According to the statement, SUGA is scheduled to commence his service on September 22. Just a few hours after the announcement, SUGA initiated a Weverse live broadcast, marking his return to live streaming after nearly a month since his post-concert live video in August.

BTS SUGA  bid farewell to his fans ahead of his mandatory military service enlistment. During the session, Jin and J-Hope joined, expressing their support through heartfelt messages.

This stirred emotions among the ARMY, the dedicated fanbase of BTS, as they prepared to bid SUGA farewell for a while.

While fans expressed concern for the singer, SUGA reassured them, stating, ‘Everyone, there’s no need for tears. You know we’ve made a promise to reunite in 2025, don’t you? It’s regrettable that I won’t be able to engage with all of you for the next two years. Nevertheless, our promise remains intact… 2025.’

While the military enlistment signals a temporary hiatus from his music career, fans remain steadfast in their support for him during this period.

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Despite SUGA‘s upcoming absence, BTS has reassured fans that they will continue to create and share music together as a group. This commitment to their artistry ensures that the BTS legacy lives on during SUGA’s military service.

Mandatory military service has been an enduring and fundamental element of Korean society since its inception. It emerged, in part, as a response to the ongoing threat of North Korean aggression, as the conflict between the two nations remains technically unresolved.

It’s important to note that any form of objection to military service, regardless of the reason, is strictly prohibited and may result in incarceration.

Additionally, individuals holding dual citizenship are required to make a definitive choice regarding their citizenship before reaching their 18th birthday. Opting to renounce their Korean citizenship exempts them from the obligation to fulfill their military service.