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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Islamabad High Court Overturns PEMRA Ban on ‘Hadsa’

The controversial drama series 'Hadsa' is set to return to screens following the Islamabad High Court's decision to overturn the ban imposed by PEMRA.

The Islamabad High Court has reversed the suspension imposed by PEMRA on a highly controversial drama series.

The decision has triggered a wave of reactions within the entertainment industry. Supporters of creative freedom have hailed the court’s decision as a victory for artistic expression, while critics argue that it may set a precedent for allowing content that goes against societal norms.

At the heart of the controversy is the content of the drama series, which had initially led to its suspension.

In September 2020, a French lady of Pakistani descent was gang-raped in front of her three children on the Sialkot-Lahore Highway. The victim called the journalist after the drama aired, and according to the journalist, she has been experiencing trauma ever since.

Hadiqa claimed that her drama is not about the motorway incident and that before beginning the project, she inquired about the storyline.

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After various complaints, PEMRA had decided to ban the drama.

Despite the controversy, the Drama will now be aired again.



With the drama series now back in circulation, its creators and producers are likely to face both praise and backlash. The controversy surrounding the show has undoubtedly boosted its viewership, but it has also exposed the challenges of navigating the fine line between artistic expression and public sensibilities.