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Monday, April 15, 2024

Can Hindu temple be built with taxpayer’s money in Pakistan: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Following public figures like Moeed Pirzada and religious scholars Javed Ghamdi, actor turned conservative speaker, Hamza Ali Abbassi has come up openly supporting the Hindu temple in Islamabad. He wrote: "On 14th August 1947, everyone who resided in the boundary of Pakistan became an equal citizen,” He went on to add, "No more hypocrisy, I admit that there is massive religious discrimination in Pakistan."

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi says there exists immense religious discrimination in Pakistan. He expressed these views after CDA stopped the construction of the Hindu temple in Islamabad. The authorities halted the construction of the temple after a severe backlash from the cross-section of the society.

A bevy of people protested the construction of the temple in Islamabad, a large number of people condemned the decision of the CDA to halt the construction of the temple. They expressed their angst under the #MandirInIslamabad and #MandirTauBanega on Twitter.

Anchor Moeed Pirzada supported the Temple

Public figures who openly supported the construction of Hindu Temple in Islamabad, also included prominent TV Anchor, Dr. Moeed Pirzada who has done two popular video blogs supporting the building of the Mandir and second one after CDA stopped construction work.

However in his second video, Moeed Pirzada, also explained that CDA’s halting construction is only temporary on grounds of approval of the site map. He added that Hindu Panchayat Islamabad has the allotment letter since 2018 and unless a court cancels that allotment letter, work can not be stopped. His video blogs are full of details about why a Hindu Temple is needed in Islamabad and why its important that Govt of Pakistan – that funds mosques, churches and Sikh Gurdwaras – should also finance at least one Hindu Temple in its capital city.

Hamza Ali Abbasi supports the building of Hindu temple

Hamza Ali Abbas who has off lately become very religious and has stopped acting for past several months has also come up openly to express disappointment against all those who are opposing the construction of temple.

“Pakistan is not an empire or a kingdom. We Muslims didn’t conquer Pakistan. We are a Muslim majority nation and state,” the Parwaaz Hai Junoon star wrote. “On 14th August 1947, everyone who resided in the boundary of Pakistan became an equal citizen,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

He went on to add, “No more hypocrisy, I admit that there is massive religious discrimination in Pakistan.”

The actor, however, did not directly mention the conflict of the construction of the Hindu temple in Islamabad. But his tweets hinted at that the actor is talking about the issue.


Hamza Ali Abbasi vouched for religious freedom in Pakistan in his Twitter message. He stated that since Pakistan is a democratic state and not an empire or a Kingdom, every citizen residing in the country has equal rights.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is among the league of Pakistani artists who are vocal on social media and are not afraid to stand by their stance on different issues.

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While other celebrities posted mere messages on the conflict, Hamza Ali Abbasi has dug deeper on the issue. The actor took up the issue. The actor discussed the issue with Javed Ahmed Ghamdi. He posted the video of the interview on his YouTube channel.


Ever since taking a temporary break from the entertainment industry, Hamza Ali Abbasi has come under the wings of Javed Ahmed Ghamdi for enlightenment and guidance on Islam and Allah.

Hamza Ali Abbasi asked a pertaining question from Ghamdi that can a Hindu temple be built with the money of the taxpayer in a Muslim-majority state.

The actor slammed intolerance

Notwithstanding his inclination towards Islam and Allah in the recent month, the actor has upheld his directedness and liberal and secular stance.

Earlier, Hamza Ali Abbasi slammed a religious group for blocking the release of the movie Zindagi Tamasha. He expressed his concerns in a video posted on his YouTube channel. Also, he attempted to convince that movie Zindagi Tamasha is not anti-Islam. But instead, it talks about the respect of religious scholars.

The reaction of Hamza Ali Abbasi came in response to the threats issued by a religious party. Since the religious party had warned of serious consequences if the movie was released.

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His interest in Islam has grown steadily as he mostly posts religious tweets these days. Also, in his previous interview, Hamza added that he wants to guide the younger generation from straying towards atheism. He expressed tenacity to address the wrong perceptions about Islam enforced in society. He said he wants to enlighten people on the true spirit of Islam, which heavily focused on life after death.

Hamza asserted that death is not the end of life but the beginning of another life. So, Abbasi had posted a prolonged video message on his YouTube channel and Twitter account. He asserted that he would focus on spreading the words of God and Islam.