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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Canadian traveller Rosie Gabrielle slams ‘toxic’ rave party in Hunza

Rosie Gabrielle took to Instagram to condemn the toxic culture of rave parties. She strongly disapproved of tourists bringing drugs, alcohol, and rave parties to the northern areas.

Canadian traveler, Rosie Gabrielle, slammed the recent trend of tourists destroying the culture and beauty of Hunza, following a rave party a few days ago.

The rave party was organized by a group of local travelers who flocked to the picturesque Hunza valley. The event was attended by a score of Instagram influencers and local performers. The videos from the party of people taking drugs, alcohol, and women dancing half-naked went viral on social media.

The rave party offended the Hunza community and they slammed the organizers for corrupting the local culture and polluting the environment.


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Rosie Gabrielle, hence, took the issue on her social media and strongly disapproved of tourists bringing the toxic culture of drugs, alcohol, and rave parties to northern areas. She made a series of posts after people from the local community reached out to her to raise the issue on her social media. She posted disturbing images and videos on her Instagram story.

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Strong words

She also shared her two cents on the issue on her Instagram. “I understand that people need to express themselves, release pent-up energies & get out of their suffocating lives. But coming to sacred land, feeling privileged & entitled to destroy it, bringing your toxic habits to innocent communities is NOT okay!

“By introducing these behaviours & substances ur destroying a culture. By leaving your trash, ur demolishing the land, & disrespecting the house of God,” said Rosie Gabrielle.

“It is not your RIGHT! At this rate, without responsible tourism in the north, there’ll be nothing left. The communities & youth need our support & love, not filth.”

She asked tourists to bring constructive things to these mountainous regions.

“They have one of the highest suicide rates in Pakistan, and with the exposure of these things, it will only worsen. Instead of raves, create workshops and make music. Bring your skills, not your drugs, show love, not vulgarity. And for GODS SAKE, CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH,” said Gabrielle in the post.

She said that she was forced to take up the issue after she had received countless messages from the youth in Hunza.

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“I received countless msg’s from local Hunza people, PLEADING me to help stop this carnage. They are losing their traditional values, indigenous cultures & land. Because this world is not ours to destroy. These lands & cultures are not yours to abuse.”