SBP finally reveals current account deficit for the month of May

The current account deficit increased to $1.4 billion in May

IMF delivers targets ahead of restoring Pakistan’s bailout deal

Pakistan desperately needs the money to avert a balance of payment crisis that is being brought closer by the day as result of the sharp rise in global oil and commodity prices.

‘Imran Khan is coming back!’

Strict measures taken by the coalition government in form of increasing taxes and inflation have caused strong agitation among people

Investors are nervously anticipating a crypto milestone

The merge finally happening would prove a big relief for ether , which has slumped on past delays and waning confidence in the upgrade.

Gujranwala hosts first-ever Property Sales Event

During the two-day affair, several premium real estate ventures were presented to the attendees and potential investors.

LNG shortage: fuel oil imports expected to reach a four-year high

Monthly fuel oil imports are expected to reach highest in last four years as the country struggles to buy LNG

NEPRA approved another increase in electricity price

NEPRA has approved an increase in electricity price of Rs. 8 per unit and the Chairman said that load shedding is inevitable

Towards settlements, NHA in process of dispute resolution with Chinese companies

As directed by the Prime Minister, NHA initiates a harmonious settlement process with the Chinese companies and makes major changes

Payment deadline expiry intensifies default risk for Russia

Russia has struggled to keep up payments on $40 billion of outstanding bonds since its invasion of Ukraine

IT industry abandoned in the budget 2022-2023

The industry’s outstanding performance has been met with a resounding and callous attack on its survival in the form of an anti-IT budget.

Power crisis intensified: Are we heading towards stone age?

Failure to reach an agreement on natural gas supply for next month has intensified power shortages and consumers are going to suffer

Prime Minister’s rationale behind ‘super tax’

Prime Minister explained his rationale behind ‘super tax’ on large-scale industries which created panic in the business community