Apple Surpasses Samsung to Claim Top Spot in Global Smartphone Market

Apple's strategic focus on premium devices secures its leadership, while Samsung faces profit warnings and increased competition.

Government Considers Substantial Petrol Price Cut

Pakistan considers a petrol price cut amid security concerns, aligning with international oil trends and strengthening the local currency.

China Breaks Annual Crude Import Record in 2023

China breaks 2020's crude import record in 2023, fuel demand recovery post-Covid, economists predict continued growth in 2024.

US-UK Strikes in Yemen Escalate Oil Prices and Global Trade Concerns

Attacks on Yemen cause a 4% surge in oil prices, triggering global trade disruptions and economic concerns.

Federal Debt Rises Modestly in November 2023

The surge in Pakistan's total federal debt is primarily attributed to a robust increase in long-term domestic debt.

BYD Overtakes Tesla as World’s Top Electric Car Company in Q4 2023

BYD surpasses Tesla as the world's leading electric carmaker in Q4 2023, highlighting China's growing dominance in the EV industry.

China Poised to Overtake Japan as Leading Global Car Exporter

China accelerates towards becoming the world's leading car exporter, driven by a surge in electric vehicle exports.

Red Sea Disruption Causes Crisis in Pakistan’s Salt Export Industry

The Salt Manufacturers Association of Pakistan urges immediate government action to save the salt export industry.

Xiaomi and Huawei Introduce Electric Vehicles, Propelling Chinese Tech Giants into Auto Industry

Xiaomi and Huawei charge into electric vehicles, intensifying the ongoing competition in China's automobile industry.

Global Outage Hits Social Media Platform X (Formerly Twitter)

Social media platform X, formerly Twitter, faces a global outage affecting over 77,000 U.S. users; service restored.

Honda Recalls 2.5 Million Vehicles in the US Over Fuel Pump Failure Risk

Honda recalls 2.5 million US vehicles to replace fuel pump modules over the risk of engine stalls and potential crash hazards.

Toshiba Removed from Tokyo Stock Exchange: End of an Era

Toshiba bids farewell to the Tokyo Stock Exchange in an £11bn deal, symbolizing a cautionary tale for global investors.