Rupee to further appreciate to Rs.200 per dollar

Rupee set to stabilize further as friendly countries come to Pakistan’s rescue

Values over volumes: diving into the depths of trade performance

Growth in exports even with potentially lower export prices is important for the fragile economy of Pakistan.

Regulation of petrol prices on weekly basis

Resources shared that the masses will have to face any fluctuation in fuel prices in international markets on a weekly basis.

Closing the financial gap with $4 billion from friendly countries

The IMF was reported last month to be looking to assess Saudi Arabia’s commitment to financing Pakistan before disbursing funds to the country. IMF wanted...

Pakistanis’ most demanded skills by American companies

Pakistani youth is full of potential but lacks opportunities to get their skills cashed. Trend of freelancing has emerged especially after the global pandemic...

Revised customs duty structure on imports from SAARC states

The government of Pakistan has revised the customs duty structure on the import of certain goods from SAARC member states,

CCP takes legal action against two leading companies

Two leading dairy companies have been found engaged in deceptive marketing strategies by disseminating false information about selling frozen desserts as ice cream. In...

SBP imposed heavy fines on three commercial banks

Three commercial banks have been fined by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the total of Rs. 131.4 million for the quarter ended...

Pakistan’s trade deficit declined by 18 percent in July 2022

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), trade deficit of Pakistan is declined by 18 percent in July, 2022. Reduction in import bill may...

Pakistani Rupee starts showing signs of life

For the second consecutive trading day, the Pakistani rupee has been stable. Rupee has shown a recover of 0.19% against the US dollar.

Last step taken towards the IMF bailout programme

After fulfilling various stringent conditions posed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), after the recent hike in petroleum development levy (PDL), Pakistan has completed...

PIDE’s Charter of Economy: economic roadmap the country is in need of

PIDE has published “PIDE’s Charter of Economy” which is referred as “economic roadmap” the country is in dire need of.