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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Karachi hit with cold wave after rain

Karachi has experienced an unusual dip in mercury levels, leaving residents bundled up in layers to combat the uncharacteristic chill.

Sindh, known for its warm climate, has found itself in the unexpected embrace of a severe cold wave. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued alerts, indicating a significant drop in temperatures across the province. Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Sindh, has experienced an unusual dip in mercury levels, leaving residents bundled up in layers to combat the uncharacteristic chill.

Sudden Shift in Temperatures

According to the PMD, Sindh is currently grappling with temperatures nearly 10 degrees lower than the typical March weather. Karachi, in particular, has witnessed a stark contrast, with the mercury plummeting to 11.1°C, a staggering 8.3°C below the usual average for this time of year, which stands at 19.4°C. This unexpected chill has taken many by surprise, as the city accustomed to milder winters now faces a prolonged spell of cold weather.

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Chilly Aftermath

The cold wave’s resurgence can be attributed to recent bouts of rain and thunderstorms that swept through Karachi, leaving behind a lingering chill in the air. Despite the precipitation easing, its impact on temperatures remains palpable, with residents feeling the bite of the cold long after the rains have ceased. The PMD advises against premature predictions of further rain, indicating a gradual return to warmer conditions in the coming days.

Glimmer of Warmth

Despite the current cold spell, hope looms on the horizon as the PMD forecasts a gradual rise in temperatures, with Karachi expected to reach 30°C by the end of the week. This shift promises relief to residents bundled up against the cold, offering a glimpse of the familiar warmth that characterizes Sindh’s climate.

Balochistan’s Brush with the Wind

While Sindh battles the cold, neighboring Balochistan braces for the impact of westerly winds set to sweep through the region on March 5th. However, the PMD assures that despite the wind’s arrival, there is no likelihood of rain accompanying the system. Balochistan prepares to weather the gusts, anticipating a brief spell of turbulence before returning to its usual arid conditions.

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Looking ahead, the PMD highlights another westerly wind system expected to affect the country on March 11th. As Pakistan navigates through these weather patterns, resilience remains key in adapting to the unpredictable shifts in temperature and precipitation.