Russian hackers target Microsoft again

Tech giant Microsoft has once again found itself in the crosshairs of the notorious Russian state-sponsored hacking group, Midnight Blizzard.

Warning issued to federal ministries and departments regarding a series of cyber attacks

Cabinet Division issued a warning to federal ministries and departments regarding a series of cyber attacks and fraudulent communications.

Tesco’s food lovestory: A step towards inclusivity and representation in marketing

Tesco's new Eid advert reflects the growing demand for diversity and inclusivity in advertising, and its impact.

Elon Musk to launch AI startup to rival OpenAI

Elon Musk is launching an AI startup, X.AI, to compete with OpenAI in the rapidly evolving AI industry, with a focus on generative AI.

The game of labels: Elon Musk and the BBC’s twitter battle

Yet again, Musk's controversial interview raises questions about the role of media and power dynamics between tech giants and journalists.

Anticipating iOS 17: A breakdown of expected features

Apple set to release iOS 17, the latest update, which is anticipated to have exciting new features that will intrigue iPhone users.

Passwords vs. AI: The battle for security supremacy.

AI-powered password cracking tool called PassGAN can crack weak passwords easily, Home Security Heroes offers solutions.

Revolutionising social media: WhatsApp’s latest update

Privacy concerns with new feature addressed, WhatsApp's latest update gives users control over data sharing.

The power of branding: why Elon Musk changed his twitter logo to Dogecoin

Elon Musk has always shown his support to the Dogecoin, changing the logo might just be another strategy to promote the cryptocurrency.

Huawei’s comeback in the smartphone market: challenges and opportunities

Huawei announced to not only come back into the market but to launch diverse products that were not previously offered.

Terminating AI: the debate over the ethics of AI technology

Artificial Intelligence have been taking over the market, so have different concerns regarding the capability of these technologies.

Uplifting journalism standards: Meta and Poynter Institute launch fact-checking course for Asia Pacific journalists

After multiple advancements Meta has now come up with a free course in Pakistan to help raise the standards of journalism.