Abdul Razak Dawood Explains Government Priorities: Exports!

Managing Editor GVS sits down with Mr. Razak Dawood to understand the export challenges faced by the government and how it intends to deliver. He provides a framework that the government is working on to cope with all these challenges and to achieve the targets set forth.

Zeeshan Ali Khan CEO (Zameen.com): In-Depth On The Real Estate Market’s Digital Transformation

Zeeshan Ali Khan, founder & CEO, Zameen.com, sits down with GVS for a detailed discussion on how digitalization is transforming the country’s real estate sector and how PM Khan's success in kick-starting a housing mortgage market can be a game-changer.

Amnesty Scheme should be extended

The government should negotiate with the IMF to secure a two-year extension for the amnesty scheme offered to the construction industry that ended on 30 June, 2021.

Judicial Reforms: Pakistan’s need of the Hour

The Chief Justice of Pakistan can create history by opening and leading the process of judicial reforms in the best interest of Pakistan.

General Anwar Ali Hyder Chairman (NAPHDA): Unpacking The Low-Cost Housing Initiative

Editor GVS sat down with Chairman, Naya Pakistan Housing Development Authority (NAPHDA), Gen. Anwar Ali Hyder to discuss Prime Minister's initiative on low-cost housing.

Pakistan’s Failure to promote Low-Cost Housing? A Historic Overview

Overview of the challenges highlights the lack of mortgage financing driven primarily by weak foreclosure laws and inadequate land registration and titles documentation, among other reasons.

Karachi Cantonments need unified building bylaws

A new draft law was agreed to in 2019, showing signs of a possible solution, but the sluggish bureaucratic system ended it.

Construction sector builds the economy but needs attention

The construction industry continues to face severe obstacles shaking the confidence of builders, developers, and investors. The Government needs to direct more attention to this vital sector.

Walking through Spain’s Islamic history

The Spanish Embassy and JS bank held an event showcasing a beautiful coffee table book on the Islamic history of Spain 'Walk through Spain'.

High commodity prices and IMF program

This is indeed beyond logic as far as IMF programmes are concerned, to push for procyclical policies, and in turn, expect Pakistan to push for greater taxes

Special courts for disposal of land matters

Currently, situation is that these land and construction cases get stuck in courts for years and sometimes for even decades.

TIR Opens Up Huge Trade Opportunities

TIR - Opening endless business opportunities in regional markets and promoting connectivity.