UN marks first ever International Day to Combat Islamophobia

The UN General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution in March 2022 designating March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

Massive fire at world’s largest refugee camp

A large fire that started in the Rohingya refugee camp in southeast Bangladesh has left thousands of refugees homeless.

Pakistani environmentalist named among TIME’s women of the year

TIME unveiled their 2023 women of the year line-up on March 2, which features environmentalist Ayisha Siddiqa from Pakistan.

The mysterious poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran

Many Iranian schoolgirls have been poisoned and are presenting to hospitals with mild to severe symptoms. There is speculation about the cause of these incidents that have been taking place all over Iran for the last few months.

Turkey-Syria earthquakes

While the Turkish president pledged to restore the country within a year, the situation in Syria is very different and hopeless as a result of years of war-related destruction and the ensuing humanitarian disaster.

Contraceptive pill for men

Developing and approving a new drug is a lengthy process involving extensive clinical trials to ensure safety and efficacy. Thus, it may still be several years before the new male contraceptive pill becomes widely available.

Putin announces suspension of last remaining nuclear treaty with US

Although the New START deal has only been suspended by Russia and neither party has made any withdrawal announcements, even a brief suspension period could increase the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia.

Political career of US Presidential candidate Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina, gained prominence in national politics when she successfully got the Confederate flag removed from the state capitol in Columbia in 2015 after a racially motivated mass shooting at a black church.

US response to Chinese ‘spy balloon’

In recent years, several such Chinese balloons crossed into US airspace, however, they never remained for as long as this time. Such incidents are detrimental to the volatile Sino-US relations and should be abstained from to avoid any escalation.

India and Pakistan’s mutual pollution

Every winter, South Asia’s severe pollution worsens, contributing to an estimated 128,000 deaths in Pakistan and 1.2 million deaths in India, more than the total deaths in either country. Instead of attempting to work together on the issue for mutual benefit, the governments of India and Pakistan react by placing blame on one another.

Air India’s mega order for new commercial aircrafts

The overall order surpasses the world record for airplane orders by an airline, held by American Airlines for the order of 460 jetliners.

Taliban’s new canal

The Taliban are constructing a new canal in North Afghanistan which, if completed, could lead to an escalation of tension with Uzbekistan.