Pakistani-American Artist Appointed to President Biden’s Advisory Committee on Arts

Khan's appointment is expected to bring a fresh and insightful perspective to the committee, informed by his Pakistani heritage and the experiences of the Pakistani-American community.

El Rocío Pilgrimage: A Sacred Journey of Faith and Cultural Celebration in Spain

Pilgrims undertake the journey as an act of faith and as a means of deepening their relationship with the divine.

Pakistan and Iran Open Mand-Pishin Market

The opening of the Mand-Pishin Border Market has been met with great enthusiasm and is expected to boost cross-border trade and facilitate greater people-to-people interactions.

Pakistani-born Yasmin Dar becomes Manchester’s First Muslim Mayor

As Manchester celebrates this momentous occasion, it sends a powerful message to cities worldwide that diversity is a strength, and inclusivity is crucial for progress.

Elevating the Stakes: Harnessing Higher Taxes to Extinguish Smoking in Pakistan

The evidence is clear: when the financial burden of smoking becomes too high, individuals are more likely to kick the habit.

Forest Wildfires: A Dire Wake-Up Call for Urgent Climate Action

The wildfires ravaging the forests of Canada and Russia are not isolated incidents but rather alarming symptoms of a much larger problem.

Britain Welcomes First Three-Parent Baby: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in IVF

UK welcomes its first "three-parent baby", marking a significant milestone in the fight against genetic diseases.

The Desperate Consequences of Iran’s Economic Crisis: Selling Organs for Survival

Organ trafficking is a global problem, with the WHO estimating that over 10,000 black market organ transplants are carried out each year.

Victory Day Parade in Moscow: Commemorating the Past or Celebrating Aggression?

While the Victory Day Parade celebrates Russia's military might, it should also serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made during World War II.

Bilawal Bhutto’s Visit to India: A Step Forward for Diplomacy?

Bhutto's visit did not result in any major breakthrough, but it was seen as a missed opportunity for both countries to address key issues.

Alleged Indian Espionage in Qatar— A Complicated Situation

The news of the charges have been met with outrage in India, where many have called for the government to intervene.

Russia’s Oil Reaches Europe Through India’s Help

By buying and shipping Russian oil to Europe, India could be seen as undermining the sanctions and facing potential backlash from the US.