“Democracy and Rule of Law”— Congressman Sherman’s speech in the US house

Congressman Sherman addressed the issue of human rights abuses in Pakistan, expressing concern about the evidence of torture in the country.

Years-long power struggle in Sudan: A complex political landscape

Sudan is experiencing political instability with power struggles resulting in violent clashes between the army and paramilitary forces.

Pakistani Americans lobby Congress

Pakistani American community enraged by human rights abuses in Pakistan reaches out to Congressmen in their constituencies in a first-ever initiative focusing on Pakistani politics.

Echoes of alienation: The lurking menace behind America’s mass shootings

In the land of the free, a dark cloud looms over the horizon, casting a somber shadow in the form of gun-related violence, which plagues the nation more than many of its global counterparts.

Why Caesar’s wife should be above reproach – Supreme Courts in eyes of the storm

Life is never easy for those at the helm of affairs, especially not for those in life-term positions of power, and as such, the responsibility of upholding the highest ethical standards becomes even more crucial for them.

Trump’s indictment: A double edged sword of accountability & consequence

Trump’s rare indictment raises important questions about the balance between accountability and political retribution. It also has implications for American democracy and the country’s global standing.

PDM’s year of disaster: A grim tale of constitution erosion, human rights violations & economic collapse

It is imperative for the government to step up and take accountability for the failures of the past year. It is time to make amends and set the country on a trajectory toward progress and prosperity.

Count thy judges

The Supreme Court’s order to hold provincial assembly elections within the mandatory 90 days has triggered a political strategy to derail justice, with the government attempting to trigger rifts within the judiciary.

Gambit on the Devil’s Chessboard

"Gambit on the Devil's Chessboard" by Dr. Imran Khan is a gripping novel that addresses deadly friction between the privileged and underprivileged, featuring a renaissance man.

A Sneak Peek into Apple’s iPhone 15 Series— Everything We Know So Far

iPhone 15 series is expected to feature a USB-C port, Dynamic Island display, Qualcomm modem chips, and a possible new storage tier.

Humanity at a Crossroads—IPCC Report Issues Urgent Call to Tackle Climate Change

The recent IPCC report warns of catastrophic consequences of global warming and urges urgent and aggressive action to limit temperature rise.

China’s Moon Soil Plans— Paving the Way for Lunar Bases

China's National Space Administration is planning to establish a lunar base using moon soil, with the aim of becoming a leading space-faring nation.