US & India elevate strategic partnership under ICET

In accordance with the terms of their new strategic alliance, India and the United States will collaborate on a range of projects, including defense innovation and technology cooperation, resilient semiconductor supply chains and quantum technologies.

HBLPSL: Season 8 brings alive stadiums across Pakistan

HBLPSL has played a crucial role in bringing back international cricket and the thrill of watching live matches in the stadium to the country. This has not only lifted public morale and national confidence but is also reinvigorating the sports economy in Pakistan.

Is AI going to overpower man?

Technologists are hyping ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence model, as a tool that will transform how people work. According to a UBS study, ChatGPT is believed to have amassed 100 million monthly active users by January, just two months after its debut.

Towards a waste free future: Tackling packaging waste in Gilgit Baltistan

Leo Baekeland, the inventor of modern plastics, was doing a favor to humanity; he may have never imagined the disaster that was in making, especially across the developing world where lack of awareness would turn plastics into a scourge and threat to human life.

Major upcoming elections throughout the world

According to political analysts throughout the world who are keeping tabs on the political turmoil in Pakistan, the impending general elections in October may not take place because of the political unrest and ensuing uncertainty.

The Adani affair and implications for Modi regime

The Adani Group’s stock price has fallen off a cliff after a report from the U.S. short-seller Hindenburg Research accused the group of questionable practices, including stock manipulation.

Pakistan’s ever-growing debt

Pakistan’s financial dilemma is deeply ingrained. A crisis has been brewing for quite some time as a result of the economy spiraling into a vicious cycle of debt and partial payments. Every Pakistani now carries a debt of Rs 216,708 per head while the foreign exchange reserves have dropped to $3.4 billion.

Biden and Bhutto join forces at groundbreaking Muslim community breakfast

The National Prayer Breakfast is a prestigious event held annually since 1953 and gathers US and international leaders to discuss contemporary issues with a focus on the significance of faith and democracy.

Downward spiral of rupee continues

Pakistan’s shattered economy limped into 2023 with a precipitous drop in the Rupee’s value against the US dollar. The Pakistani Rupee is seeing its worst decline in decades.

Rising paper price: Nightmare for Pakistani publishers

The economic crisis Pakistan is facing is affecting every industry, we are hearing every day of massive job losses in the textile industry and factories closing down. The publishing industry is not far behind – the prices of raw material imports including paper, ink, and glue have been skyrocketing.

The legacy of General Pervez Musharraf

General (Rtd) Pervez Musharraf, the former Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan, passed away on February 5, 2023, in Dubai at the age of 79 after suffering from a rare disease, amyloidosis. General Musharraf leaves behind a mixed legacy.

Spare: A memoir by Prince Harry

Prince Harry has recently published a memoir, which has received both appreciation and backlash. After the interview with Oprah and the Netflix docuseries, Spare is the ghostwritten autobiography by the Duke of Sussex on minute details of his life and some glimpses into the lives of the other royal family members.