Reincarnation of India: Threat to Peace?

In the third week of February 2019 – during Kulbhushan Jadhav trial at the International Court of Justice – QC Barrister Khawar Qureshi, Pakistan’s...

BJP: An electoral journey from Babri Masjid to Pakistan?

Author of two books ‘Sikhs: The Untold Agony of 1984’ and ‘Narendra Modi - The Man, The Times and The Demolition: India at Crossroads’ walks us through how the BJP and RSS align nationalism and Hinduism with patriotism, whilst demonizing minorities for their electoral ends.

Hindu Diaspora: a strategic ally of Modi & BJP but a threat to “Idea of India”

Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University, Sweden highlights the strategic alliance between the Hindu diaspora and PM Narendra Modi, and how the relationship has gradually eroded India’s progressive and secular outlook and is becoming a threat to India itself.

The Doval Doctrine – India’s hybrid war against Pakistan

Assistant Editor Strategic Affairs Global Village Space in a detailed article takes us through the five major fronts India is using in its hybrid warfare against Pakistan.

India versus Pakistan: Battleground International Court of Justice

Head of Corporate & International practice of a leading law firm in Oman and graduate of Harvard Law School, gives his insightful analysis into the legal issues involved in the Jadhav case and breaks down both countries' arguments at the World Court.

Pakistan at the International Court of Justice

GVS overviews the role and ambit of the International Court of Justice and gives a rundown of earlier appearances by Pakistan at the World Court.

Kulbhashan Jadhav: Case of “Indian State Intervention”

Former law minister and Special Envoy of Prime Minister of Pakistan argues why Commander Jadhav's actions are an indictment of Indian state interference in another sovereign state territory and violation of the principles of the UN Charter.

Why Jadhav became so important for India? – Dr Moeed Pirzada

Prominent TV anchor explains why Khulbhushan Jadav is a chink in the Indian narrative of victimization at the hands of Pakistan. One that it hopes it can cover up via its case in the ICJ.

Post Pulwama: Revisiting ‘The Spy Chronicles’

Former ISI head and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Germany argues that unlike after Uri the Modi-Doval duo post-Pulwama attack misunderstood the dynamics of what is a potentially undeclared mutually agreed management of crisis moments. He also sets out a framework that should get both countries through such black swan events.

Why Pakistan’s exports are not growing? – Dr Kamal Monnoo

Author of two books ‘A Study of WTO’, and ‘Economic Management in Pakistan’ and Honorary consul general of the Czech Republic, Punjab sifts through the reasons why Pakistan’s exports are not growing and what the government's strategy should be.

Rupee devaluation likely after IMF bailout – Dr Sajid Amin Javed

Dr. Sajid Javed, a senior Research Fellow at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, gives his opinion on the government’s strategy on exports, talks with IMF, and devaluation of the Rupee.

Devaluation, IMF talks and Pakistan exports – Shehryar Aziz

Economic guru Shehryar Aziz gives his thoughts on the government’s strategy on exports talks with IMF, and devaluation of the Rupee.