Editorial: Next Prime Minister?

The April edition of Global Village Space (GVS) magazine is out! This edition focuses on multiple issues. This issue starts with giving a brief overview of the domestic political front and continues to look at key elements from Pakistan’s national security policy and encourage debate on its inputs.

Muslim World’s Foreign Ministers assemble in Islamabad

Islamabad hosted the 48th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers on 22-23 March 2022, themed "Partnering for Unity, Justice and Development." The gathering for the first time saw the attendance of China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, as a special guest.

Washington should move from “Regime Change” to “Regime Engagement”

America – perhaps for the first time in Pakistan’s history – is about to become a domestic political issue in a highly contested election campaign. This is unfortunate for both Pakistan and the United States and many in Islamabad wonder how to fix this Shakespearean tragedy – with Imran Khan as its unexpected hero.

Foreign Threat Letter

The letter immediately sparked a debate among the public, with some taking the words of PM Khan for it while others are totally denying the existence of any such letter, including some seasoned journalists.

Explainer: Articles of Pakistan’s Constitution under discussion

Recent days have highlighted the need for all of us to become Constitutional experts if we want to understand what is happening on the ground in Pakistan.

Russia-Ukraine conflict and the International Law

International Humanitarian Law (IHL), or the law of war as it was called earlier, remains applicable in such conflicts. The Geneva Conventions (1949) and their Additional Protocols (1977) oblige the parties to the conflict to only target military targets.

Record remittances received in Roshan Digital Account

The number of accounts has also been increased from 365,182 in February to 388,494 in March 2022, which means some 23,312 new accounts were opened in March.

Pakistan’s startups raise $163m in 3 months

Three of the largest startups in 2022 were: Bazaar ($70m), Retailo’s ($36m), and Jugnu ($22.5m).

Vigilantism in the name of Blasphemy: Need for strong counter violent extremism strategy

In wake of the gruesome beheading of Safoora Bibi, Humaira Zia Mufti, highlights in a hard-hitting piece how the absence of constructive debate on blasphemy laws has increased incidents of public vigilantism in Pakistan. Such events undermine the country’s international campaign to end Islamophobia.

Brahmos fire on Pakistan: A question mark on Indian credibility as responsible state actor

Accomplished academician argues that world history has never witnessed such irresponsibility by a nuclear state. Unfortunately, it strengthens the argument that every state does not have the capacity to handle nuclear arsenals.

How Pakistan has played an important role for OIC?

As a founding member of the OIC, Pakistan has always been at the forefront of the OIC’s efforts for the Muslim cause whether the Palestine issue, Iran-Iraq war, Kuwait-Iraq war, the Afghanistan issue, and the challenges faced by the Muslim minorities anywhere in the world.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: India not abandoning a friend when in need!

India's entire weaponry, about 85 percent, comes from Russia. Although our dependence is now reduced quite a bit, having said that, we still require all kinds of support. If we have a two-front war if we do not have a supply of weapons from Russia.