Jahan Fans Wahan Stadium successful conclusion of HBL PSL 7

In a country dominated by daily ups and downs of political news, the addition of HBL PSL brought a great respite to Pakistani viewers and cricket lovers.


The HBL PSL season 7, which started January 27, played for a month till February 27 was won by the Lahore Qalandars. In a country dominated by daily ups and downs of political news, the addition of HBL PSL brought a great respite to Pakistani viewers and cricket lovers. Cricket rules Pakistani’s hearts; however, due to several reasons, the game remained in the doldrums in the country, even as across the border, IPL, set up in 2008, created a hype both within and outside India.

HBL PSL has played a critical role in bringing cricket back to Pakistani screens and re-igniting the passion for the game, giving Pakistanis a chance to be proud again. According to statistics, more than 93 million people either watch or play cricket in the country. It provided a platform for young cricketers to be a part of the international cricket circle and played an essential role in helping to bring international cricketers back to Pakistan. International cricketers refused to play in Pakistan since the 2009 Sri Lankan cricket team attack. HBL PSL played a significant role in building a positive and depicting a softer image for the country.

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Pakistan Cricket Board founded the league in 2016 with five teams, later Multan joined for the HBL Pakistan Super League 2018 season, and many others are vying to join. The HBL Pakistan Super League (HBL PSL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league contested every year between six teams representing six cities of Pakistan. (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, and Quetta).

HBL, Pakistan’s largest bank and its first commercial bank, has been the title sponsor of the HBL Pakistan Super League since its inception in 2016 and will retain the title sponsorship until 2025. This solid relationship has enabled the growth of the HBL Pakistan Super League brand and is now distinctively recognized as HBL PSL in Pakistan and across the world.

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HBL PSL provided an opportunity to countless young cricketers to display their talent at a national and international level and helped to create a talent pipeline for Pakistan cricket. It has produced some great talent for Pakistan like Fakhar Zaman, Shahnawaz Dahani, and many more.

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