Evolution of the Kartarpur Initiative

Assistant Editor GVS, walks us through the ups and downs - from bus diplomacy to hug diplomacy - that has finally culminated in the opening of the Kartarpur corridor. A huge success for Pakistan, our Sikh brothers, and India at a time of strained relations in the region.

Joker – the best Hollywood film of the year

Joaquin Phoenix is a revelation in the film, terrifying and bewitching to behold, giving us a version of Joker that is unlike any we’ve seen before. Joker is perhaps his pièce de résistance and a role that will firmly put him in the pantheon of all-time great actors.

Indus Blues: Documenting struggle of eastern classical musicians in Pakistan

Jawad Sharif's 'Indus Blues' begins with a Sarinda player and his son playing music outside a college only to be unceremoniously stopped and told...

Bard of Blood – another ridiculous anti-Pakistan nonsense

Shah Rukh Khan produced web series centering an excommunicated RAW agent traveling to the depths of Balochistan to rescue other Indian agents captured there, disappoints on many levels.

Fatema Munir Ahmed’s vision for Hamdard Pakistan

CEO Hamdard and granddaughter of Hakim Said, explains her vision and direction for Hamdard Pakistan. She shares some of Hamdard’s recent initiatives both in marketing and in developing unique markets to capitalize on its existing strengths.