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While we are rushing to press, Maulana Fazal ur Rehman’s so-called “Azadi March” is winding towards an end – without achieving anything substantial on...

Policing Dilemma: Reform or control?

Retired IG Police Balochistan, and former Federal Secretary Narcotics gives us a historical perspective to understand the evolution of Pakistan’s police, from the Mughal era to date. He offers a critique of the proposed changes to the police by the government and shares recommendations on how to remove the ‘thana’ culture.

Myth of Police Reforms

The former federal secretary highlights the dire need for reform of the police and the ‘thana’ culture which has continued even under the Police Order 2002. He contests that new effective accountability mechanisms are critical to see any further improvement in policing.

Life Imprisonment in Pakistan: Life or 25 Years?

Under what circumstances courts, in India and Pakistan, award life imprisonment, and what does it mean? The public and intelligentsia remain confused. A seven-member bench of the Supreme Court took up a case to determine the time period of a life sentence. A high court lawyer grapples with the complex issues of jurisprudence and nuances of the law.

Economy: Light at End of Tunnel?

For Pakistan to avoid continue being the laggard in the region, it needs to take those tough decisions over structural reforms that governments have avoided doing so for decades because it was not politically expedient.

Future is ‘Made in Pakistan’: Chairman Board of Investment Zubair Gilani

Chairman BOI highlights the government’s success in the Ease of Doing Business Index, the progress of special economic zones (SEZs) and exporting ‘Made in Pakistan’, and the headway on the international investment coming into Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Tale of Two Deficits

For Pakistan's economy, currently going through yet another troubled period, it has always been a tale of two deficits – the Current Account (CA)...

The worst is over for Pakistan’s economy: AKD Securities CEO Muhammad Farid Alam

Mr. Muhammad Farid Alam, CEO AKD Securities Ltd, has over two decades of capital market experience under his belt. Before AKD, Farid remained associated...

AWT Investments Set to Transform Pakistan’s Investment landscape

Mr. Salman Haider has over 20 years of Investment Management experience, including almost 10 years on Wall Street, New York. He started his career...

Inequality: A Political Choice?

Renowned economist and businessman argues that inequality is a political choice and not an inevitable result of technology and globalization. We can draw several lessons for economic governance in Pakistan from famous French writer Thomas Picketty’s new book; Capital and Ideology.

RSS: Hindu Nazis of India

Former Ambassador highlights the often-ignored facts about the RSS, as he calls them the largest terrorist organization in the world. He explains in detail the origins and evolution of the RSS and its leaders and how, with its political arm the BJP, is relentlessly implementing the RSS agenda of Hindu fascism.

Baba Guru Nanak: The Enlightened Founder Of Sikhism

Prime Minister Imran Khan described the feelings of Sikhs for their holy places while inaugurating the Kartarpur Corridor as “Kartarpur is your Madina and Nankana Sahib is your Makkah. We (Muslims) can’t even imagine someone keeping us away from Makkah or Madina.”