High commodity prices and IMF program

This is indeed beyond logic as far as IMF programmes are concerned, to push for procyclical policies, and in turn, expect Pakistan to push for greater taxes

Special courts for disposal of land matters

Currently, situation is that these land and construction cases get stuck in courts for years and sometimes for even decades.

TIR Opens Up Huge Trade Opportunities

TIR - Opening endless business opportunities in regional markets and promoting connectivity.

Role of Banks in Mortgage Financing

Banks have faced criticism for taking the easy route out and investing in government debt rather than, for example, helping people fund their own homes.

Steel and Cement Cartels: Risk To Prime Minister’s housing Scheme

  The construction industry of Pakistan is in a state of panic. We again fear a rise in steel prices. In the last 12 months,...

The Supreme Court’s verdict on Nasla tower is setting unsettling precedent

To safeguard consumer rights it is important that Suo moto cases under article 184 (3) should be heard by at least a five-member bench of senior-most judges of the Supreme Court and a review by a full-court and that an insurance market is developed to help protect innocent consumers against malafide actions by external actors.

Anti-export bias that is stifling Pakistan’s growth

Pakistan cannot afford to have an uncompetitive export-oriented sector. The country must stop following an outdated import-substitution policy that relies on levying protectionist duties as it has contributed to stagnancy in technological innovation and an anti-export bias.