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Eighty years ago, on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and initiated the start of the Second World War in which 70 million people...

Kashmir Tragedy – An Identity of Eternal Pain?

My Kashmiri father did not want me to learn Kashmiri; he wanted me to stay away from his identity of eternal pain. Life defeats all our plans. He failed in the end. Moeed Pirzada remembers his family's saga on the eve of Modi's sinister "Anschluss" with Kashmir.

Kashmir: A moment of Truth for the Idealists and Naysayers

A consummate Pakistani diplomat for over 40 years, analyses how Indian actions, revoking the special status of Kashmir and imposing a blanket curfew and communications blockade, will only give force to those believing that the gun solution is their last resort for self-determination. He articulates the four forces that may stop India from progressing on the disastrous course it is set on.

India’s ‘Final solution’ for Kashmir: President AJ&K

Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Kashmir, in an exclusive interview with GVS, discusses what options Kashmiris have, what Pakistan should do under the current circumstances, how economic interests have made many Muslim countries quiet, and what the 'final solution' means under RSS and the BJP.

India’s Kashmir law-fare: Pakistan needs to change its Narrative!

Practicing lawyer at a leading Middle Eastern law firm, argues that Pakistan needs to develop a new narrative on Kashmir focusing on 'people' and a potential Nuclear Armageddon in the region from India’s actions.

India’s Constitutional Deception turns Kashmir into a Volcano

Author of Narendra Modi: The Man, The Times and The Demolition, explains that Narendra Modi is taking India towards an authoritarian electoral government that tolerates no dissent, and contrary to the Indian government's claims, Kashmir is smoldering lava, that is being contained only through curfew and lockdown for the moment.

Pakistan Afghan Transit Trade: New Opportunities and Challenges

Managing Editor Global Village Space, analyses the Afghan transit trade and the challenges smuggling poses for lost Pakistani government revenues, and the need for one over-arching institution that can handle the goods from start to finish to remove this issue.

Government Tourism Policy & its Challenges

World tourism day takes place in September every year. GVS overviews the PTI government's tourism policy; what they have achieved in 12 months and what the challenges are to take Pakistan’s tourism sector to the next level

Pakistan evolving to Develop Human Capacity in Tourism

The importance of the Hospitality and Tourism segment as a growing industry has been recognized by the current government, and have shown determination to...

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Pakistan’s esteemed Singing Buddha

The maestro, Pakistan’s greatest music icon, is known for having one of the greatest voices ever recorded and his tunes globally influenced the face of music.

Parey Hut Love: Pakistani Cinema & its Epidemic of Badly Written Scripts

Asim Raza's Parey Hut Love lets you see a new twist to Pakistani cinema with talented actors trying to pull off a badly written script. Pakistani cinema plight seems not to end as more and more badly written scripts are being converted into films and Parey Hut Love is one of many.

Why Disney’s Live-Action Adaption of The Lion King was Unnecessary

The live adaptation of an old animated film 'The Lion King' trumped several in its tread to reach the milestone of one of the biggest movies of the year but the director seems to have played with the nostalgic emotions of fans, not adding much.