PAF Documentaries commemorate 1965 War

In honor of PAF's vital role in the 1965 War, the documentaries tell a thrilling tale of the valor and professionalism of PAF and briefly explain the significant events of the seven days.

Flood Devastation Across Pakistan

Floods have submerged a third of Pakistan, claiming at least 1,200 lives, washed away crops and destroyed more than a million homes.

UN Secretary-General’s Visit to Pakistan

The visit by the senior UN diplomat highlighted the importance of sustained international support for Pakistan through the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase and for building resilience against future climate shocks.

Chairman HBL Calls for Regional Clearing System to Facilitate Trade

HBL attended the 18th Council Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Interbank Consortium (SCO-IBC) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Queen Elizabeth II Dies – End of an Era in World History!

During her long reign of 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II reformed the monarchy by engaging with the public through walkabouts, royal visits, and attendance at public events.

Drowning Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar

The Pakistani Rupee has nosedived against the US dollar in the last couple of months, due to floods and economic as well as political instability.

Zameen Holds Pakistan Property Show 2022

On September 10 and 11, hosted the popular Pakistan Property Show (PPS) 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

National Economic and Business Forum’ (NEBF): Pakistani Corporates Launch Think Tank to Address the Country’s Pressing Economic Issues

Pakistan's leading corporates are developing a new think tank to explore unique ideas and solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan's economy.

Export-Focused Strategy for Sustained Economic Growth

Price competitiveness and prompt delivery of quality products will therefore be increasingly instrumental in determining which countries are able to enhance or even maintain exports.

Disaster [Mis]management – A Collective Failure

Since 1950 Pakistan has been devastated by 29 major flood disasters. The country spent billions of rupees on thousands of flood protection measures, yet losses continued to rise. The ongoing colossal calamity is a good reminder to rethink about the flood protection strategy from scratch, as it has miserably failed the nation. It is a collective failure of everyone who participated in its formulation, provided funds for and implemented it.

Monsoon season on steroids: Any lessons learned for the future?

Excuses of God’s will may salvage some public officials’ consciences, but the reality is that it is poor governance and the lack of longer-term planning that are the key factors responsible for the deaths of close to 1300 people and the billions of infrastructure lost.

Achieving $50 Billion Textile Exports in 4 Years

Pakistan’s textile industry is on an upward trajectory with the addition of $500 million per month through incremental capacity. This has been enabled through TERF and its support of 100 new projects.