Zameen Holds Pakistan Property Show 2022

The regularly scheduled, large-scale public events known as the Zameen Expos are considered one of’s signature activities. The event, which consistently attracts large crowds, is a fantastic initiative that has been instrumental in developing Pakistan's real estate market by providing visitors access to a wide range of real estate investment opportunities.


Now, the country’s most prominent real estate enterprise has turned its attention to hosting the “Pakistan Property Show” (PPS) abroad in light of the Zameen Expos’ unprecedented success and its soaring popularity among foreign investors. It is the first platform of its kind to provide widespread exposure to local real estate initiatives on a global scale. The previous editions of “Pakistan Property Show,” which were held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates — attracted tens of thousands of attendees, including many prominent personalities, and were a great success. However, none could compare to this year’s event.

PPS 2022

On September 10 and 11, — Pakistan’s largest real estate enterprise — hosted the popular Pakistan Property Show (PPS) 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

More than 60 exhibitors and 200 projects from all around Pakistan were on display during the two-day event. The show caters to the large community of overseas Pakistanis living in the Gulf region that is interested in investing in real estate projects back in the home country and the response this year was incredible, with the event attracting a record-breaking 20,000 attendees.

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Eminent Pakistani and Emirati dignitaries, including the Director General of the Dubai Land Department, H.E. Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, and well-known Pakistani journalists, attended the show. CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan, Country Head Ahmad Bhatti, EMPG CEO Imran Ali Khan, and other members of Zameen’s top management were also present on the occasion.

The following is a list of the top 18 exhibitors at the event.

1. One Eleven Group 10. Mid City
 2. Al Jamal Group 11. Eiffel Group of Companies
3. Park View City Lahore 12. GFS builders & developer
4. Eighteen 13. GCC
5. Grande Palladium 14. Urban premium residencies
6. Zameen ace mall 15. Swiss Mall
7. Zameen Verde Eesidences 16. OneVH
8. Golf view romanza 17. Madison Square
9. 101 group 18. Century Venture 1


Why Real Estate continues to be the best investment in Pakistan?

During the PPS, the present dignitaries and members of the Zameen management participated in a panel discussion on ‘why real estate is Pakistan’s best investment.’ Popular TV hosts Syed Shafaat Ali and Shiffa Yousafzai mediated the conversation. Notable media figures Waseem Badami, and Muhammad Maalik, along with CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan, were part of the panel discussion.

The panelists provided the attendees and online viewers priceless insights into the current state of the real estate industry and its prospects for the future.

During the event, H.E Sultan Butti Bin Mejren said, “It was a great honour to inaugurate the Pakistan Property Show. Dubai is proud of its cultural and religious diversity, particularly the large community of Pakistani ex-pats that have helped the Emirates become a hub for business, real estate development, and tourism. is a pioneer in organizing such interactive events in the Gulf region.”

Mr. Zeeshan Ali Khan, CEO of, also spoke to the audience and stated, “The purpose of the Pakistan Property Show is to provide overseas Pakistanis with direct access to some of the best and most promising real estate projects from their respective hometowns.”

“The recent launch of several world class real estate projects in Pakistan is a sign of the property sector’s huge potential for growth and will drive progress in the industry in the future”, he added. Country Head Ahmed Bhatti assured non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) settled in the Gulf region that the company understood their concerns about safe and trustworthy property investments. “The company introduced 60+ exhibitors to the attendees of the Pakistan Property Show in a bid to provide a varied and reliable selection of premium projects, enabling them to choose a property that suits their investment goals perfectly”, he said.’s Head of Middle East Region, Mr. Aatif Rana, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response received by the Pakistan Property Show 2022. “I would like to thank the large community of overseas Pakistanis settled in the Gulf region for the remarkable trust they have placed in In order to reciprocate this faith, we shall ensure that all such future events are even grander and surpass all expectations, as we continue in our drive to present Pakistani ex-pats with the safest and most profitable investment opportunities available in the market today”, Mr. Rana said.


When was first introduced in 2006, the platform offered a simple user interface to link real estate buyers and sellers with property agents, tenants and landlords. It then began offering marketing and sales services and built an affiliate network that stretches across the country. Since then, the enterprise has risen to the very top of the country’s real estate industry and is currently rated as one of the top five property portals in the world.’s enduring success is based on its ability to achieve development objectives and customer requests while also ensuring a transparent experience, thanks to a holistic marketing strategy. Additionally, the company has established itself as a market leader by launching a number of consumer-friendly products, such as Plot Finder, Geomatics Solutions, property indices & search trends, the Zameen App, real estate news, and educational blogs.

Revolutionizing the property sector of Pakistan

Since is the oldest and largest real estate enterprise in Pakistan, it boasts the largest collection of prominent property listings that serve numerous cities throughout the nation. In addition, a network of 10,000 registered estate agents powers the real estate portal. This popularity, in turn, results in an average of more than 200,000 new properties being added to the website’s real estate listings section, which receives over 3.5 million hits every month. Visit this page to learn more if you want to advertise on

The easiest method to stay on top of the shifting purchasing patterns in Pakistan’s real estate market is to visit the Market Trends page on On the website, there is also a section called the “Price Index” that provides you with a broad overview of the price variations affecting the real estate market during any given time period. has continued to work hard towards revolutionizing the real estate industry since its inception over 15 years ago. By introducing “Plotfinder,” Pakistan’s leading property enterprise once more used its unmatched professional approach to demonstrate its exceptional position as an industry leader. It was the first platform in the nation that enabled you to virtually tour your selected property and get a better sense of its layout, presenting a huge step forward in the efforts to digitize Pakistan’s property sector. It currently has more than 4 million properties on display in about 3,700 neighborhoods across the country.

Talking about the Plotfinder in an interview with Global Village Space, Zeeshan Ali Khan said, “There is no database of geographically located properties in Pakistan. Our plotfinder is a work in progress and we have mapped over 4 million address points across 40 major cities of Pakistan, which fulfil the need for such a digital map and searchable database. With our plotfinder one can find the exact location of a property. Every month we are adding over a hundred thousand new address points to Plotfinder. In addition, there are many localities especially old areas that do not even exist on a digital map and do not have designated house numbers. We are using Plotfinder to help solve these issues across Pakistan.” has introduced another ground-breaking platform called “Propforce” in an effort to extend its reach beyond geographical limitations. Both desktop and mobile devices support it. This online platform was created to support Zameen’s Affiliate Network, which at present has over 15,000 members from all around the nation. It is a platform that enables users to earn money by working independently as affiliates, resulting in unprecedented growth for the local real estate sector.

Pakistan’s booming real estate sector

With an estimated population of more than 1.2 million, overseas Pakistanis are the second-largest expat group in the United Arab Emirates. They have been increasing their contribution to the Pakistani real estate market over the past few years, and has significantly contributed to this rise in foreign investment by providing expats with a transparent and reliable source for purchasing and investing in real estate.

The price per square foot of houses, plots, and residential property increased by 13.56%, 17.4%, and 19.83%, respectively, over the previous year, demonstrating the sector’s consistent growth. The number of visitors to’s online portal increased by 21% last year, and about 30% of those visits came from overseas Pakistanis, the majority of whom were from the Gulf region.

Additionally, as the popularity of apartment living and high-rise constructions spreads across the nation, it creates more and more accessible investment options in the real estate market. The latest “Roshan Apna Ghar” effort from the State Bank of Pakistan is another helpful scheme that aims to give Pakistanis living abroad easy and reasonable options for financing their homes.

Given the current economic climate in Pakistan, purchasing and investing in real estate has become more advantageous for Pakistani ex-pats, making it an even more appealing option for those seeking to make an investment in their home country.

The future

CEO of Global Village Space, Dr. Moeed Pirzada, sat down for an interview with the CEO of, Zeeshan Ali Khan, a few weeks before the expo. Zeeshan Ali Khan asserted that Pakistan’s real estate market will continue to expand when discussing its future. Talking about the recent decline in the value of the Pakistani rupee, he said, “It might slow down certain transactions because consumer sentiment is affected by the rupee devaluation. However, the transactions shall continue because, as it is said, 50 percent of property dealings are documented while the other 50 percent are not. The dynamics of the real estate market are built in a way that the investments in this sector are safe, so the cash-based market is non-volatile and stable. Thus, property prices either remain stable or go up, but do not fall.”

He further discussed Pakistan’s market structure going forward. He predicted that future generations will live in smaller, more inexpensive housing, possibly even in residences that are only 5 to 10 Marlas in size. According to him, flats in Dubai were formerly between 1000 and 1800 square feet but are now closer to 600 square feet. “There is an issue of community space here. Private developers create community space but it is not supported in Pakistan. To youngsters, I would say that property is a stable market because here, the value of an asset is quite stable. Sometimes it is not good for the market because we need more buyers coming in, and in order to have that influx of buyers, we need a mortgage market. Youngsters should build their plans and avail any loan opportunity to invest in real estate”, he remarked.

With all of these ground-breaking initiatives, keeps boosting the real estate sector while providing unparalleled service to its esteemed clients and customers in Pakistan.

Note: A slightly different version of this article appears in the 2022 September Magazine.

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