Taliban bans broadcast of IPL due to “anti-Islamic content”

The Taliban will not allow the broadcast of IPL 2021 due to possible "anti-Islam contents" that could air during the programming. Anti-Islamic content refers to girls dancing and the attendance of women without hijab in the IPL series.

Pakistan’s global and regional concerns to center-stage PM Khan’s UNGA address

PM Khan's UNGA address through a video link will highlight Pakistan's global and regional concerns by ensuring lasting peace in Afghanistan and enhancing Pakistan’s diplomatic outreach and engagement with its international partners and key institutions

We provided security better than New Zealand’s army: Sheikh Rasheed

While addressing a press conference today, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said Pakistan tasked more people for the New Zealand team’s security than its forces combined. Sheikh Rasheed also raised the question of the supposed threat alert to the New Zealand team.

Pak Army eliminates top TTP leader in North Waziristan

Security forces kill a TTP leader in North Waziristan. According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the TTP leader murdered four female representatives of an NGO. He also target-killed engineers belonging to the Frontier Works Organisation in November 2020.

PPP fails to give one bus to Karachi while PTI gives 40?

As the first consignment of 40 Green Line buses finally arrives in Karachi, residents are noticing how the PTI government is quickly delivering on its promise for a modern transport system in Sindh, whereas PPP failed to do anything despite 13 years of governance.

Pakistani firm wins Gulf Air ground handling contract

Pakistan's leading ground handling agent Gerry’s Dnata has won a multi-year contract by renowned airline Gulf Air, allowing the company to handle the airline's passenger and cargo services on seven airports across Pakistan.

External forces in Asia-Pacific must not interfere in the region: Xi warns

China's Xi warns of "interference from external forces" in Asia-Pacific as the AUKUS pact threatens its interests in the South China sea. He warns that Australia could face the most dangerous consequence of being cannon fodder in the military showdown in the region.

Dialogues with Taliban over inclusive Afghan government started: PM Khan

PM Khan have initiated dialogues with Taliban over inclusive Afghan government for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan conducive for the region. He added that the 40 years war in Afghanistan can only end by engaging with the Taliban.

Putin and Imran Khan: Speaking with one voice on Afghanistan?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistan's PM Imran Khan spoke with one voice on Afghanistan during the 20th SCO summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan demanding International community to engage with Taliban.

Argentina to buy 12 JF-17 Block III fighters from Pakistan

Argentina has officially allocated $664 million in its next year’s budget for the acquisitions of 12 JF-17 Block-III fighter jets from Pakistan. The 12 fighter jets will include 10 single-seater Block IIIs and 2 dual-seater Block IIIs, it has been reported.

NSA warns Afghan collapse on world’s “wait and see policy”

NSA warns Afghan collapse on world's "wait and see policy" as the security vacuum in the presence of military group will spell disaster. He added that due to withheld assets, Afghan humanitarian and economic collapse is inevitable.

Pakistani mosquitoes to provide vaccines against diseases?

Students from COMSATS University Islamabad are working on a proposal to convert mosquitoes into syringes that carry vaccines. Twitteratis are having a field day with the news. Even though Japanese scientists worked on it before, Twitteratis still consider it a ridiculous idea.