Asad Umar refutes opposition’s claims on unemployment

Asad Umar took to Twitter to correct the false claims by the opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif regarding PTI's economic performance. He posted data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics to show an increase in employment in PTI's regime.

Asad Umar & Murtaza Wahab school each other over petrol prices

Ever since the spike in fuel prices, the PTI government has been receiving a lot of criticism, especially from the Opposition, but it still resolutely defends its decision. Recently, Murtaza Wahab and Asad Umar engaged in a brief Twitter spat over fuel prices.

CM Buzdar’s crack down: 15 officers suspended?

On a surprise visit, CM Buzdar takes stern action and removes 15 officers due to negligence of duty and poor performance. Interestingly, this is not the first time CM Buzdar has suspended officers. Like PM Khan, he too frequently changes his team.

SCO’s new role in Afghanistan; what benefits can Iran reap?

SCO's new role in Afghanistan becomes crucial as fears of terrorism and violence reverberate in the region with Iran aiming to secure its stakes. Will the SCO platform see the unity of three Eurasian countries whose solidarity will be a counterbalance to US?

Afghan missions in limbo, envoys begging for acceptance overseas

Afghan missions are in limbo overseas with no money to keep them operational while envoys seek acceptance from host nations as they fear return to Afghanistan which they deem no longer safe.

China denounces AUKUS pact, calls it “Cold War Mentality”

China denounces the AUKUS pact by calling it a "Cold War Mentality" and joint regional mobilization against its interests and existence. The pact is scheduled to sign on 24th September in the Quad summit and analysts claim that it will further deteriorate US-China ties.

Umar Sharif receives US visa, thanks PM Khan for cooperation

Federal government and Sindh government are usually at odds with each other. However, Umar Sharif's frail condition united the two. While the Federal government coordinated with the US embassy for visas, the Sindh government released funds for the treatment.

Can Faiz Hameed be next Army Chief of Pakistan?

The top contenders include Lt General Azhar Abbas, Lt General Sahir, Lt General Nauman Mahmood, and Lt General Faiz Hameed who is the popular choice. However, to qualify for the post of COAS, a Lt General has to become a Corps Commander first.

Rehabilitate Afghan refugees in Afghanistan, not on Pakistan soil: FM Qureshi

FM Qureshi in an interview to Independent on Thursday rejected the notion of building Afghan refugee camp on Pakistan soil and called for their resettlement in Afghanistan. He added that countries should streamline aid to Afghan people without any strings attached.

Abraham Accords marks one year, UAE, Israel eye vested economic perks

As Abraham Accords marks one year, UAE, Israel eye vested trillion dollars economic perks while the Palestinian cause remained unresolved. Palestinians still view this rapprochement as a "stab in the back" while UAE visualizes mounting opportunities for itself.

Bushra Bibi seeks major reforms in Lahore’s psychiatric hospital

On her visit to the psychiatric hospital, the administrative staff kept informing her about the restoration of the hospital’s buildings. However, Bushra Bibi advised that the priority should be the patients. The restoration of the building should be secondary. 

Taliban urge US to show humanity, thank world for aid

Taliban urge US to show heart and thank the world for sending aid which they will use to alleviate poverty and bring life to Afghan ailing economy. The US and IMF claim that they will only release assets and funds if Taliban's actions reflect their words.