Watch: Siddique Jan given heartiest welcome upon release

Siddique Jan's release is being widely celebrated on social media as members of Pakistan's media fraternity hail the court's decision to end the case against him. 

LHC orders govt to release Toshakhana records from 1990 to 2001

Justice Asim Hafeez issued the orders today, asserting that nothing could be kept from public view. The judge also said that any gifts received by the country from friendly nations should also be made public.

PTI & PML-N react to Zalmay Khalilzad’s tweets on Imran Khan

The former US envoy doubled down on his commentary on the current political situation in Pakistan, saying the government appears to have decided to set up Imran Khan as enemy no 1 of the state.

US senator raises concern over political violence in Pakistan

Senator Jacky Rosen expressed concern about the increasing political violence in Pakistan. She also urged Pakistan's political parties to resolve their differences and uphold the rule of law. 

US report calls attention to human rights violations in Pakistan

The report, which covers 198 countries and territories, highlights incidents of extrajudicial killings, arrests, and enforced disappearances at the hands of government forces in Pakistan.

Imran Khan shares videos of entry in judicial complex

The videos show chaos in the grounds of the judicial complex as Imran Khan's vehicle entered. A huge number of police personnel can be seen baton-charging the public as well.

Nation demands release of Siddique Jan

As soon as the news of Jan's arrest broke out, #ReleaseSiddiqueJan became the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan. PTI leaders have also expressed solidarity with Siddique Jan while criticizing the government for the crackdown against journalists. 

PM Shehbaz slams “PTI’s smear campaign” against COAS Asim

"PTI's disgusting smear campaign against Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir at the behest of Imran Niazi is deserving of the strongest condemnation," PM Shehbaz said on Twitter. 

Imran Khan’s nephew Barrister Hassaan Niazi arrested

According to the details, police arrested Hassaan from outside of the G11 judicial complex moments after he got bail. PTI leaders are terming the arrest of Hassaan Niazi as an ‘abduction’.

CM Mohsin Naqvi gives free hand to police to establish writ of state

While recalling incidents of police personnel being attacked and looted during the Zaman Park operation, Mohsin Naqvi asserted that the writ of the state needs to be maintained.

Ali Amin Gandapur faces assassination attempt?

The former federal minister said one of his guards got injured, while two others went missing along with his security vehicles. Ali Amin Gandapur alleged that the attack was from Punjab police. 

Zaman Park operation: Police enter Imran Khan’s residence after breaking front doors

In preparation for the operation at Zaman Park, the police have surrounded the area with containers and deployed numerous security personnel.