PTI Pursues Legal Action Against Rana Sanaullah for Death Threats to Imran Khan

In recent interviews with local TV channels, Sanaullah, who previously held a prominent security position in the PML-N government, reportedly referred to Khan's political presence as a "problem."

PTI Leaders and Social Media Team Clash Over Afridi Controversy

Following the video's viral spread, supporters of Imran Khan and the PTI's social media team began criticizing Afridi.

Pakistan Armed Forces Extend Warm Wishes on 84th Pakistan Day

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated, "This auspicious day commemorates the immense efforts of the Muslims of the subcontinent, who, guided by the vision of our esteemed leaders, secured a separate homeland for themselves."

PTI Plans Islamabad Rally Amid Allegations of Election Rigging

The party also intends to hold a public rally in Karachi on April 21, reiterating its demand for a thorough investigation into alleged election rigging.

PTI Chairman Voices Concerns Over Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

Addressing reporters outside Adiala jail after meeting Imran Khan, Gohar remarked that such a situation did not arise during PTI's governance.

PTI’s Hammad Azhar resigns from his post

Party followers particularly the young supporters have urged him to take back his resignation as they want him to lead the party at this difficult time.

Maryam Nawaz helps in removing former PTI leader’s name from ECL

Maleeka expressed gratitude for the timely intervention, announcing that her name had indeed been removed from the no-fly list.

Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Sidhu granted one year extension

Shehbaz Sharif had sent the summary of his extension to President Asif Ali Zardari which he signed and returned in the evening.

Tayyaba Raja Criticizes PTI’s decision to nominate Sanam Javed as Senate Candidate

Taking to X, commonly known as Twitter, Tayyaba slammed Sanam for getting the nomination of the Senate seat. “It is not necessary to elevate on the sacrifices of the others.”

Alleged ‘Honour’ Killing: Man Accused of Niece’s Death in Jaranwala

Despite immediate medical attention and transportation to the hospital, 22-year-old Sanam Bibi succumbed to her injuries en route.

India, China, Pakistan & USA: Changing Power Dynamics?

DR. Moeed Pirzada sits in with Pravin Sawhney, Editor of Force Magazine, the author of the bestselling book The Last War: How AI Will...

President Zardari not to draw salary amidst economic challenges

This significant step was further elucidated through a post on the President of Pakistan's official account on X, formerly Twitter.