Indian claims against Pakistan not credible: Afghan official snubs Indian reporter

According to an Indian anchor, Pakistan is playing a double game in Afghanistan. On one hand, Islamabad and Beijing are planning anti-terror actions for Afghan peace, but on the other hand, Pakistan is carrying out terrorist activities in Afghanistan. The anchor's claims were debased by Torek Farhadi who said he has not seen any proof of Pakistan's terror activities in any credible news forums.

HBL’s strong performance: Profits up by 21% to Rs 31.2 billion for 2021

HBL's H1 results prove that the Bank had a very successful term. While boasting incredible profits, HBL's fortress balance sheet grew by nearly Rs 600 billion during the quarter, crossing the Rs 4 trillion mark.

Unvaccinated people won’t be allowed to work after 31st August: Asad Umar

The government decides to take direct action against people refusing to get Covid vaccines. As per the new official orders, all unvaccinated employees from the service sector will not be allowed to work unless they get vaccines by the August 31st deadline.

Mehbooba Mufti asks India to talk to Pakistan for Kashmir resolution

According to Mehbooba Mufti, Modi's government should talk to Pakistan for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. If India and Pakistan can agree to a ceasefire, then they should also hold talks to end the bloodshed in Kashmir once and for all.

PTI wins Sialkot seat in major upset for PML-N

Another major victory for PTI as it wins the PP-38 Sialkot by-election. PTI beat PML-N with a margin of 7,117 votes. As per the supporters, PTI’s victory in Sialkot is a setback for PML-N as Sialkot was previously PML-N’s stronghold.

HBL and Agro Digital partner to promote financial inclusion through Agro-based Development Finance

HBL and Agro Digital have announced a collaboration to ensure a sustainable impact on Pakistan's agriculture sector. Furthermore, through their agreement, they hope to financially empower and uplift Pakistani farmers.

PM Khan clarifies his stance on rape, says rapist is always responsible for the crime

Last month, PM Khan said that a woman's provocative dressing will have an impact as "men are not robots." His statements received severe backlash. Now, in an interview with PBS NewsHour, PM Khan clarifies his statements and claims they were deliberately taken out of context.

A new research highlights “existential threat” to Muslims and Christians in India

Research by the London School of Economics highlights the discrimination against the minority classes, Muslims and Christians in India, and how different institutions in the country work together to make sure that these people are unable to raise their standards of living and rise against oppression of the bigoted state machinery.

Cloudburst triggers flash floods in Islamabad’s sector E-11

Islamabad's sector E-11 gets flooded due to a cloudburst. Images and videos are circulating on social media showing the chaos caused by the flood. Residents are holding official authorities accountable as according to them, lack of urban planning caused the devastation.

PM Khan’s Cabinet approves Pakistan’s first ever Digital Media Advertising Policy

The Federal Cabinet recently approved Pakistan's first Digital Media Advertising Policy. The policy was first proposed in March to take advantage of Pakistan's huge number of social media users. Currently, Pakistan has 93 million internet users in Pakistan and over 45 million social media users and the number is continuously growing.

Moeed Yusuf off to US for ‘high-level engagements’ between two countries

Pakistan's National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf has left for the US to be a part of a high-level bilateral engagement. Dr. Yusuf will also hold meetings with other US legislators, the Pakistani community in the US, think tanks, and others.

How TTP leader appreciated the Afghan Taliban before his death

According to TTP leader, Noor Wali Mehsud, the Afghan Taliban's victory is a victory for all Muslims. Due to its close ties with the Afghan Taliban, experts are worried that TTP will become more empowered in Pakistan once the Afghan Taliban completely take over.