Here’s all you need to know about new Suzuki Swift 4th Gen

The new Suzuki Swift 4th generation is creating a lot of buzz and will be hitting the roads soon. Suzuki Swift is most likely to be equipped with a KB12 1.2L petrol engine for the Pakistani market giving a max output of 84HP.

Climate change in Pakistan: An undeniable reality

Pakistan's climate has become increasingly variable in recent decades as a result of ongoing climate change. Climate change is an undeniable reality now. Pakistan is one of the top countries that will be heavily impacted by global warming and we need to act now.

Pakistan performs better than India in apparel exports to US

India and Bangladesh typically perform better than Pakistan. However, in 2021, Pakistan outperformed both countries. Data showed that Pakistan's apparel exports to the EU also increased by 27.89%, again, surpassing India and Bangladesh. 

Plea filed against lifetime disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, Jahangir Tareen

According to details, SCBA President Ahsan filed the plea in the Supreme Court (SC) earlier today. President Ahsan Bhoon filed the petition challenging Article 62(1)(f) which relates to the disqualification of parliamentarians.

India alleges Pakistan could attack through giant drones

Indian media reported that in the past couple of months, the Intelligence Bureau has raised concerns about Pakistan using bigger drones to smuggle in arms and ammunition. Agencies are now looking at some specific anti-drone techniques.

Pakistan receives Chinese mounted howitzers to counter India’s arms parity

Pakistan has been able to punch considerably above its weight class in recent decades, with China doing the heavy lifting against India, whether in terms of arms delivery or global arms control regimes.

PTI govt makes over 700 amendments in criminal justice system

Important to note, this is the first time in Pakistan's history that the country's justice system will undergo a major overhaul. Addressing an event on Criminal Law and Justice Reforms, PM Khan said the massive amendments would help bring revolution in the criminal justice system

Pakistan & Turkey to send joint satellites into space?

According to the tweet, Turkish Aerospace Industries stated that it will cooperate with Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) to develop satellite projects. This is indeed a major development.

Modi govt pressurising Twitter against me: Rahul Gandhi

In a letter written to Twitter CEO, Indian Opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi made claims of a government campaign to suppress his reach on the platform. He also questioned, "Twitter's unwitting complicity in curbing free and fair speech in India."

UK vs Pakistan: Who has the most govt cars?

Interestingly, the UK government does not consider travel from home to office and back an official duty. It demands that ministers arranged their own transport — by use of bus, cycle or train. Therefore, the UK government allocated a low number of cars for official use.

Poor vendor in Thar wins heart as Murree profiteers slammed

The video of the vendor from Thar forces the viewers to rethink the recent tragedy reported in Pakistan’s most-visited tourist destination, Murree. At least 22 tourists had died in their cars after being stuck on the road during a snow blizzard.

Karachi to deploy 5650 security personnel during HBL PSL matches

Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T) team comprising highly trained and well-equipped commandos including lady commandos will remain alert at SSU Headquarters as a quick response force to challenge any emergency situation.