Political Turmoil in Pakistan: Imran Khan, PDM, and Power Struggles

The PDM government alleged that it was a conspiracy by Imran Khan and his party to further destabilize the country which is already on the tenterhooks and, to create a civil- war like situation, pitting the military against the people of Pakistan

Role of nuclear weapons in ensuring peace amidst escalating military modernization

India has expanded its defense cooperation significantly, incrementing with many countries for military modernization. It is additionally reinforcing its nuclear and conventional forces. As a result, it is engendering a security dilemma for Pakistan.

The shifting poles of global power

Starting in the 1950s, American diplomats were gradually allowed to play the role of kingmakers. Pakistanis, to this day, as a gesture of ridicule, refer to the US ambassador in Pakistan as the “viceroy”.

Pentagon’s increased use of special forces

In July 2010, General David Petraeus succeeded McChrystal as overall commander of US-led forces in Afghanistan, as McChrystal had irreconcilable differences with the Obama administration.

Sudan tests the limits of Middle Eastern de-escalation

Arab media reported that the UAE, amid fears of a breakdown of the Jeddah talks and an escalation in the fighting, has sought to financially entice Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to back away from his support for Mr. Al-Burhan.

EU and Indo-Pacific region’s importance and impact on Pakistan

The Indo-Pacific economies are experiencing rapid growth, and the EU seeks to tap into these markets to expand its trade and investment opportunities.

Unrest and Cyber Warfare: Pakistan’s Chaotic Struggle

Severe internet connectivity issues were reported across the country’s big cities in the week following the arrest of a popular politician on cooked-up charges. Protests erupted throughout the country after the arrest.

Tackling income inequality through export-led growth in Pakistan

Income inequality is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon with many determinants that are difficult to isolate. An empirical investigation by the University of Karachi in 2015 also shared these conclusions.

Estonia’s reaction to Russian aggression in Ukraine

The Estonian people's love for Ukraine is deep and strong, especially in the context of the ongoing war with Russia. Estonia has a long history of oppression and occupation by foreign powers, so it can understand Ukraine's struggle.

Thar Coal: Pakistan’s Energy Game Changer

The Dakota Gasification Company in North Dakota uses similar coal to produce SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas), diesel, urea, naphtha, phenol, tar oil, ammonium sulfate, anhydrous ammonia, and liquid nitrogen

Imran Khan’s Arrest: End Game for Pakistan’s Crisis?

Imran was whisked away from the IHC premises by paramilitary forces on Tuesday, leading to violent protests across the country. The PTI chief had immediately approached the high court for release but it had declared his arrest legal.

The beginning of civil war in Pakistan

Pakistan is teetering after former Prime Minister Imran Khan was dramatically arrested by paramilitary troops on corruption charges, sparking a deadly outpouring of anger against the powerful military.