Regionally Competitive Energy Tariffs: Policy Considerations

The Textiles Industry and its value chain have a diversified structure of energy demand and require multiple energy sources and efficiency options, all of which are being considered and implemented in Pakistan.

The dynamics of political polarization in Pakistan

Political polarization is characterized by a widening gap between people with different political views and a growing feeling of animosity and mistrust between them. This can lead to social and political division.

The impact of political instability on the economic growth

As the ruling elite scrambles to change NAB laws instead of focusing on what’s critical for the country’s socio-economic future, foreign direct investments in the country have stalled while its global outlook soured.

1965 Kashmir War: The Political Dimension

Some Pakistani theorists point out the growing frustration and resentment when the people started getting fed up with Ayub Khan, particularly after his controversial success in the 1964 general elections.

Humankind is fed-up of Human-made Disasters

China has not fought any war during the last four decades and focused only on development, sparing all energies, resources, and time, only for development. Chinese policies were friendly, enabling and conducive for the common man

India and Pakistan at 75: So different but so similar

After 1947, India and Pakistan faced similar problems. A Bloody partition, massive migration, and divisions of casts, creeds, and languages left many fractures and open wounds on both sides of the border.

Strategic importance of Djibouti

Djibouti, the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas became Djibouti in 1977. It is located in the Horn of Africa and is the third smallest state after Swaziland (second smallest) and Gambia (smallest) in Africa.

Mitigating the climate change conundrum

This time, the world is about to witness the upcoming COP27, which will take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This will be a mirror image of the resumption of the yearly conference on climate change.

Has Pakistan forgotten the concept of democracy?

The debt Pakistan has incurred is terribly high, hampering its ability to boost its reserves. The state has debt and liabilities worth Rs 53.5 trillion,  including the debt of Rs 23.7 trillion under the PTI government.  

Guarantor of peace in Pakistan

Pakistan is located in a region that is constantly impacted by the rivalries of regional and major powers such as China and India border disputes, the China-US trade war and Russia and the US political tensions, etc.

Ukrainian army endangers civilians

Amnesty International researchers witnessed Ukrainian forces using hospitals as de facto military bases in five locations. In the two cities, dozens of soldiers rested and ate in hospitals.

How rising short-term fuel oil prices are the first line of defence?

Considering the uptrend of fuel oil prices in the global market, several countries of the world including those in Bangladesh’s neighborhood, are regularly adjusting the price of fuel oil.