The failure of NATO to subdue Afghanistan

Between 2006 and 2007 the US Geological Survey, an agency of the US government, analyzed 70% of Afghanistan's terrain from the air using magnetic and gravitational equipment.

Pakistan need exports not loans

The issue of Pakistan's economy teetering on the brink of a severe financial crisis is not new. The question at hand is how to execute policies effectively to ameliorate long-standing disadvantages and secure the future of the nation.

India’s legal & diplomatic liability for holding G-20 summit in IIOJK

Pakistan has been drawing attention to the human rights situation in the region, India is attempting to counter Pakistan’s narrative on Jammu and Kashmir, projecting a sense of normalcy through the Summit.

75th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and Russia

Pakistan and Russia enjoy close, multidimensional relations based on mutual goodwill and trust. Bilateral ties are marked by cooperation in diverse areas, including economics, energy, and security.

Shaping a 21st-century world order: The nation-state vs the civilizational state

US President Joe Biden positions the Ukraine war as a battle between autocracy and democracy. That reduces what is at stake in the war. The stakes constitute a fundamental building block of a new 21st-century world order.

How traceability is essential for sustainability

The Identity Preservation model provides traceability back to a single point of origin, from a farm to the final users, and treats certified products separately throughout the supply chain.

The water crisis in Pakistan may need to be addressed urgently

Climate change is one of the significant causes of the water crisis in Pakistan. The country is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as increased temperatures, melting glaciers, and erratic rainfall patterns.

An electoral history of Pakistan

After the liberation of Bangladesh, some political scientists thought that the establishment had learned a lesson. They were wrong. Since then, farce turned into tragedy repeatedly.

Pakistan’s Judicial Crisis: A Repeat of History?

Rafiq Tarar’s loyal sycophancy progressing to Ata Tarar’s total commitment to the Sharif family shows that nothing much has changed in Pakistan Muslim League (N). Why should anything change?

Export led innovation in Pakistan

In order to fulfill the demands of both domestic and international consumers, exporting firms must increase their productivity through both increased input but more so through gains in efficiency.

How the end of the Yemen War may lead to development and prosperity

Yemen, located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. It is also one of the most politically and socially complex, with a history of tribalism and regionalism

Criminal justice response to human trafficking in Pakistan

Crime, violence and the economy are interconnected. There have been attempts at the international level to study the correlation between violence and peace through the Global Peace Indices.