Are the history books telling the truth about Mashriqi, Jinnah, & Gandhi?

Because of the enmity that exists between Pakistan and India, huge sums of money have been spent on building arms, including a nuclear arsenal. And poverty in the region continues to be widespread.

The marriage obsession in Pakistan

We have become a nation, generally speaking, totally obsessed with marriage and one's ability to procreate. While the restrictions and expectations do not fall upon the male side, the females have been constricted by the idea of marriage for far too long.

Sipah-e-Salar economic model in Pakistan – Dr. Farid A. Malik

National interests have to be kept supreme. The people have to be served through their genuinely elected leaders. Sipah-e-Salar type shortcuts do not work nor should they be tried again - opines Dr. Farid A. Malik in a hard-hitting piece!

Saudi Arabia – Next mega player in international sports?

Mr. Bin Salman’s vision of Saudi Arabia as the world’s latest top-of-the-line winter sports destination attracts headlines but has yet to be proven as a concept - opines Dr. James M. Dorsey, an award-winning journalist.

The mafia operating in Punjab – Dr. Farid A. Malik

Some structural changes may be needed to deliver relief to the public which has been long denied. Civilized nations operate under the ambit of law and constitution in which 'Gullu Butts' should have no role - writes Dr. Farid A. Malik in a hard-hitting piece.

The New Great Game – A Pakistani Perspective – Lt Gen (r) Tariq Khan

For Pakistan, the New Great Game would imply a polarized society divided by sectarianism, separatism, provincial animosity, nepotism, corruption, terrorism, political instability, serious financial problems and even a limited or all out military conflict.

Youm-e-Istehsal: A day to express Pakistan-IIOJK solidarity

BJP government has been openly violating international law and it is high time for them to realize the seriousness of the issue. Kashmiris are no longer going to tolerate this inhumane treatment from Indian authorities.

How Pakistan is trapped in vicious cycle of status quo?

In a world driven by technology, the only change is permanent. The status quo is not an option, and never will be in the future. Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is trapped in a vicious cycle of status quo.

Recent floods in Balochistan and its implications

The recent torrential monsoon rains and floods inundated several areas in Balochistan mainly Zhob, Bolan, Lasbela and Sibi. Therefore, this article aims to ensure the government's attention to the recent floods' damages

Russia-Ukraine war and the essence of nuclear deterrence

It is high time that the world powers make serious efforts to bring an end to a month-long conflict, which has profound political and economic ramifications on the world. Also, they should assure Russia that its sovereignty is not in danger.

Analysis of early fighting in World War I, 108 years ago

Shane Quinn, a British geo strategist gives an analysis of the opening fighting in World War I in August 1914, where I've looked mainly at the German invasion of neutral Belgium and the Battle of Liège.

Unravelling the India’s hegemonic ambitions

The world must pay attention to the fact that the Indian nuclear arsenal has now fallen in the hands of the fascist BJP government which is supported by the well-known extremist organization RSS.