Audi RS3 2022 launched as most powerful RS

RS3 worth it? This car has been optimised for the track, which is unique at this price. Even a close S3 costs $50,000. BMW's M2 is gone, while Mercedes' CLA45, while similar in price, has one less cylinder and isn't as track-ready. The RS3 may be worth it for some. Then what?

Smartphones targeted by Italian spyware: Google

Google and Lookout noted the spyware spreads by getting people to click on links in messages sent to targets.

Hyundai starts working on electric car for India

In India, EVs account for less than 1% of total car sales, but the government is aiming for a share of 30% by 2030 as it looks to reduce pollution and fuel imports.

Rheinmetall’s MBT Panther KF51 set to dominate the modern battlefield

Rheinmetall claims that the Panther KF51 is a first of its kind Main Battle Tank based on a radically new concept that derive its strength from some of the latest technologies.

Samsung about to launch Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy to launch its new smartphone Z Flip 4 with an upgraded 8 Gen 1+ Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an overall battery capacity of 3700mAh.

India plans to compete with Amazon, Walmart

Indian e-commerce was worth more than $55 billion in gross merchandise value in 2021 and will grow to $350 billion by the end of this decade

South Africa: Home Affairs Department plans for the imminent roll-out of a biometric self-service system

The Biometric self-service ID and passport system aim enable citizens to easily obtain digital IDs, passports, and other identity documentation.

Former Nike designer creates a medical boot that can prevent amputations

Jason Hanft, a podiatrist paired up with former Nike designer Michael DiTullo to create a fashionable shoe that is clinically certified to protect limbs from diabetic ulcers.

Indus Motors to launch first locally assembled HEV in 2023

The Indus Motors Company, Pakistan has announced to launch of its first locally-assembled vehicle in 2023.

How can China’s unmanned drone carrier strengthen Pakistan’s defence?

China has launched the world’s first drone carrier, Zhu Hai Yun, which can operate on its own.

Huawei, ZTE banned in 5G industry of Canada

China's ZTE also prohibited from competing in Canada's 5G network installation

After automobiles, now mobile phones sold at premium

Reportedly, mobile phones are even being sold at a premium, and pre-ordered phones are subject to price increases before delivery.