Large Asteroid to miss Earth by a mere 3,434,294 miles

As it orbits the sun every 620 days, this colossal visitor graces Earth's proximity only once every two decades.

WhatsApp introduces new exciting features for iOS users

Recent reports from WaBetaInfo have unveiled exciting features for iOS users that promise to enhance the overall user experience.

Google DeepMind used AI to structure more than 2 million new materials

The breakthrough by DeepMind's AI could speed up the advancement of state-of-the-art technologies like batteries, solar panels, etc.

Research reveals that days may go as long as 25 hours in the future

Using advanced technology, scientists at TUM have enhanced precision instruments, providing insights beyond leap seconds.

WhatsApp’s new feature: Chat Lock’s secret codes

To bolster user privacy and security, WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Meta, has recently introduced an innovative feature known as Chat Lock

AI agents can function like personal assistants or synthetic employees

These innovative systems, functioning like personal assistants or "synthetic employees," possess the ability to autonomously make decisions.

Scientists discover a supernova explosion that affected the ozone layer

Astronomers have been captivated by the awe-inspiring radiance of a distant supernova explosion, named none other than GRB 221009A.

World’s largest iceberg headed towards the “iceberg alley”

Measuring an astounding 4,000 square kilometres, A23a is approximately three times the size of New York City,

OpenAI rolls out new and exciting feature in ChatGPT

OpenAI claims that this new feature significantly expands the ways in which users can integrate ChatGPT into their daily lives.

Instagram now allows reels to be downloaded worldwide

What began as a limited release in the US on mobile devices has now evolved into a global feature accessible to all Instagram users.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT faces a worldwide outage

Even though Sam Altman has been rehired, the departure of key individuals raises pertinent questions about the remaining team's aptitude.

OpenAI’s Turnaround— Altman Rehired as CEO

The majority of the company's 770 employees threatened to quit if Altman wasn't reinstated as OpenAI's CEO.