FTC examines OpenAI’s ChatGPT for generating false information

FTC investigates OpenAI's ChatGPT over false information concerns, highlighting risks of AI technology and data privacy practices.

Rise of AI chatbots in medicine

AI chatbots in healthcare: promising but limited. Med-PaLM achieves passing grade on USMLE, but human expertise remains indispensable.

Elon Musk’s Latest Venture: Unveiling His New AI Company

Elon Musk's announcement of his new AI company, XAI, signifies a significant development in the field of artificial intelligence.

What are the Types of IP Addresses ?

Many internet users don't think about how the internet functions. The internet is a complex web of connections between various servers, routers, and PCs,...

Satellite constellations’ impact on radio astronomy

Satellite constellations' impact on radio astronomy confirmed, as emissions of low-frequency radio waves affect observations.

Can AI run the world better than humans?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered humanoid robots assert their leadership potential at the UN summit, sparking debates on regulation.

Betfree partners with the best online casinos in Ireland

DUBLIN, IRELAND, 24th July 2023. As of July 2023, online betting reviewer Betfree has partnered with licensed and reputable casinos across Ireland. This marks a...

Layoffs in the tech industry triggered by Artificial Intelligence

Tech layoffs surge as Artificial Intelligence disrupts job market, prompting industry-wide restructuring and skill realignment.

OpenAI’s first international office in London

OpenAI expands to London, attracting world-class AI talent and reinforcing the UK's position as an AI powerhouse.

The Impact of Groundwater Pumping on Earth’s Axis

Research has revealed that groundwater pumping shifts Earth's axis, highlighting human impact on the planet.

Illuminating the Unseen Impact: Pakistani Visionaries Shaping Silicon Valley

Pakistani luminaries redefine Silicon Valley, driving innovation, economic growth, and social impact.

Human Model Embryos: A Groundbreaking Scientific Advancement

The creation of synthetic human embryos represents a significant milestone in scientific research.