China aims to install surveillance system on the Moon

Skynet will play a crucial role in safeguarding the lunar base by scrutinizing its surroundings with unparalleled precision.

SpaceX faces legal battle over alleged retaliation against engineers

Accusations of unjust termination and claims of sexist conduct against Musk have prompted a high-stakes confrontation before the NLRB.

Apple’s legal battle over unfair market dominance

At the crux of the legal battle lies the accusation that Apple has monopolized cloud storage through its iCloud platform.

SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket with four crew members

The mission, designated Crew 8, marks another collaboration between NASA and SpaceX in advancing human spaceflight capabilities.

What’s the mystery behind leap year?

In the tapestry of time, leap years stitch an intriguing pattern, adding a peculiar day to our calendars every four years.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Ring at Mobile World Congress

Samsung Electronics has once again captured the spotlight in the tech world with its latest breakthrough innovation, the Galaxy Ring.

NASA shares images of the large asteroid that passed by Earth

NASA's Deep Space Network planetary radar recently unveiled the secrets of a notable celestial visitor, asteroid 2008 OS7.

Huawei Unveils Cloud and AI Innovations at MWC 2024

Huawei showcases cloud and AI innovations at MWC 2024, including Cloud Native Elite Club initiatives, GaussDB database.

Xiaomi’s latest flagship: The Xiaomi 14 series

The mobile imaging landscape has undergone a radical transformation, thanks to Xiaomi's strategic partnership with Leica established in 2022.

Google responds to the Gmail shutdown scare

Amidst the frenzy, Google stepped in to dispel the misinformation, reaffirming Gmail's enduring presence in the online sphere.

First US Lunar Landing in Over 50 Years Achieved by Intuitive Machines

The Odysseus lander, marks the first American moon landing in over 50 years, heralding a new era of lunar exploration.

Apple Launches Free Sports App for iPhone Users

Apple introduces "Apple Sports," a free app providing real-time scores and stats for various sports leagues, with personalized features.