NASA prepares for solar maximum impact on Mars

While Earth's magnetic field shields it from these solar storms, Mars lacks such protection, exposing it to the full force of solar radiation.

Android 15 to have tablet-inspired interface overhaul

With Android 15 on the horizon, insights suggest significant shifts in how devices interact, particularly in landscape mode.

NASA’s Psyche spacecraft sends rare signal from deep Space with DSOC

NASA's Psyche spacecraft has relayed a rare signal from the depths of space, marking a significant milestone in space exploration.

Google launches AI course and $75 million grant has pledged a staggering $75 million in grants to support workforce development and education organizations across the US.

Musk surpasses Zuckerberg amid Meta’s market woes

With Meta's worth dwindling to $1.11 trillion, Zuckerberg found himself slipping down the billionaire rankings.

Tesla faces regulatory scrutiny over autopilot safety concerns

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced a comprehensive investigation into Tesla's Autopilot system.

ByteDance Stands Firm Amidst TikTok Ban Threats

ByteDance firmly denies any plans to sell TikTok.

Astronomers discover first magnetic star outside Milky Way

Astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery, spotting the first-ever magnetic star outside our Milky Way galaxy.

Research reveals new evidence for a hidden planet

For years, astronomers have been captivated by the enigmatic behavior of objects at the outer edges of our solar system.

Zuckerberg’s Meta AI launches in Pakistan

Meta AI is available in multiple countries, including Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, and more.

Crowds flock to Huawei stores as Pura 70 smartphone sales begin amid chip controversy

Chinese tech giant Huawei made headlines once again with the launch of its latest high-end smartphone series, the Pura 70.

Apple embraces second-hand parts for iPhone self-repairs

Despite the newfound flexibility in repair options, Apple remains committed to safeguarding the security of its devices.