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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Celebrities ask people to stop sharing videos of Murree incident

Currently, social media is full of videos from Murree as people share the updates. A disturbing video of a family that died in their car was also shared. Reacting to this, Pakistan celebrities have requested people to stop sharing the videos.

Pakistani celebrities are requesting people to stop sharing the videos of the tourists frozen to death in Murree following a snowstorm last night. In their messages, they have asked people to respect the deceased and stop sharing the videos of the people who died due to extreme cold in their cars.

“Some heartless idiot has filmed & shared the video of frozen bodies in Murree. Please do not RT or share it further. Show some goddamn respect to the deceased,” wrote journalist Maria Memon.

“Request for some empathy and compassion; Let’s not share videos of deceased tourists. Prayers and thoughts with families of deceased and with tourists stranded in the snow; may your ordeal be over soon,” PMLN member Ayesha Raza Farooq.

“Please pray for departed souls …Receiving sad and disturbing videos of Muree and Galyat. Around 20 people (local tourists) including women and children have died due to extreme weather conditions. Aur jo wahan hain ALLAH pak madad farmaye aur apni amaan mey rakhay amen,” said actor Faysal Quraishi.

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Nearly, 21 people died while being stranded in their cars owing to heavy snowfall in the hill station. The federal government deployed Pakistan Army to evacuate the remaining tourists.

According to reports, around 125,000 vehicles entered the city so far. Owing to the huge inflow of vehicles, in addition to the snow covering the roads, routes leading to Murree faced severe blockages and traffic jams. As a result, more than 16 people died stuck in their cars. Around 1000 cars remain stranded in the heavy snowfall.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Saturday said Murree had “seen a huge number of tourists after 15-20 years”, and due to that, a crisis took place.

The Minister said authorities called five platoons of the Pakistan Army, along with Rangers and Frontier Corps for rescue efforts on an emergency basis.

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Currently, social media is full of videos from Murree as people share the updates. Countless cars remain buried under mounds of snow. Many people have to leave their cars and walk in the deep snow, looking for shelter.