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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Celebrities who flew to Canada were also performing their civic duty

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Designer Feeha Jamshed in her recent social media post responded to the criticism levelled against celebrities flying to Toronto for Hum TV awards on Election Day while ignoring their civic duty to vote.

Feeha Jamshed said the celebrities who flew to Canada to rehearse for the show were also performing their civic duty.

Feeha writes that “…giving a progressive, softer image of Pakistan that our politicians, new or international media [fails] to do” is also a civic duty in her books. She goes on to add that participating in “cultural trade between two countries… so that the expat community can see what we have achieved with such little resources is also a form of civic duty.”

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She said this question must be asked to people who were in Pakistan and yet did not vote instead of asking those who had to travel abroad for work.

Earlier Pakistan’s popular media organization Hum TV issued a clarification over the controversy that targeted the celebrities and the media organization for prioritizing the award show over their civic duty.

The celebrities and the team of Hum awards were spotted travelling to Toronto, Canada on Election Day on 25th July. The celebrities, including Mahira Khan, Bushra Ansari and Yasir Hussain, could not vote on the Election Day as they had left for the Hum awards in Canada.

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Not only the general public, many popular figures from within the entertainment industry including Imran Abbas and Farhan Saeed called out their colleagues for apparent irresponsible behaviour. They questioned if the flight could have been delayed for a day so that the celebrities would have honoured their civic duty.

Mahira Khan, however, in her social media post expressed her disappointment over not being able to vote due to her work commitments but she encouraged her followers to go out of their homes and vote for their selected candidate.