Chapli Kabab-Palak Paneer: India-Pakistan ‘peace pizza’ goes on sale in Vietnam

The enticing Pakistan-India pizza is an unusual combination of Delhi Palak Paneer and Karachi Chapli Kebab.

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Vietnamese fast food restaurant Pizza 4Ps earlier this month introduced three unusually named pizzas that have since gone viral on the internet. The restaurant, according to freelance journalist Michael Tatarski, combined distinct flavors from six different countries on three pizzas as part of a ‘peace’ offering.

Tatarski shared the pictures of the pizza peace deals on his Twitter account. The deals cater to different combinations of flavors. The journalist wrote: “The ever-adventurous Pizza 4P’s has introduced three ‘peace pizzas,’ including US-China, India-Pakistan and Israel-Palestine. They say that if these flavors can live together on a pizza, surely we can live together in peace. Has Jared Kushner tried this?”

The China-US pizza offers Shanghai Chilli Shrimps and New York Buffalo Chicken on one pizza. The enticing Pakistan-India pizza is an unusual combination of Delhi Palak Paneer and Karachi Chapli Kebab. The restaurant gives its customer a mix of Tel Aviv Za’atar Hummu and Ramallah Musakhan for the Israel-Palestine pizza.

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The purpose of these peace deals is to give the message that if these flavors can live peacefully on pizza, then the nation-state adversaries can also co-exist peacefully.

Pakistani internet users pointed out that Chapli Kebab is an indigenous food of KP, a northwestern province of Pakistan, and not of Karachi, a city in southern Pakistan. Nevertheless, they have appreciated the initiative of the restaurant. Some users, however, voiced their disappointment on the restaurant’s lack of sensitivity on such serious matters. Pizza 4Ps is a popular eatery in the Vietnam city of Ho Chi Minh.

Internet users from across the world shared their thoughts on the combinations of flavors the restaurant offers.O


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