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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Bombshell data reveals sectarian trends on Pakistani social media originate from India

As anti-Shia sentiments and protests increase, data suggests that the sentiments originated from and are being fueled by Indian tweets.

Dr. Arsalan Khalid, focal person to Prime Minister Imran Khan on digital media, in the presence of numerous digital media organizations, on Monday addressed the sectarian issues in Pakistan and claimed that the majority of sectarian trends on Pakistani social media had originated and were operating from outside of Pakistan.

Recently there has been an apparent and visible spike in sectarianism across Pakistan, especially after the month of Muharram. The sectarian sentiments on social media platforms have also converted into protests across the country.

Indian tweets fueling sectarian hatred

Dr. Arsalan stated that since 2018, there has been a surge in Indian accounts tweeting against Pakistan in attempts to spark chaos. He further stated that the online and offline world is now very much connected, and a sudden spike in sectarian hate online resulted in protests on the streets of Pakistan. Mapping of these social media hashtags from varying accounts can be seen in the picture below, which shows that a majority of accounts are outside Pakistan, said a researcher and data scientist from Karachi whose Twitter handle is @shobz.


Dr. Khalid further alleged that certain anti-Pakistan journalists, who are based outside the country, also ignited the issue. He explained that the leaders of political parties, whose workers are also purposefully adding the fuel to the atmosphere of extremism, should act responsibly, or else the government will have to take action against them as well.

Individuals fueling extremism, chaos will be dealt with harshly

Dr. Khalid also claimed that anti-Pakistan journalists, based abroad also helped spark the massive sectarian rift, and stated that party leaders who were fueling the sentiments of extremism should be careful to act more cautiously otherwise the government would take action against the individuals.

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Dr. Arsalan, on government’s behalf, assured protection of rights of all Pakistani citizens regardless of faith and said that those contributing to fueling hate will be dealt with in iron-hand despite their political affiliation.

Dr. Arsalan speaking on behalf of the government ensured the protection of rights for all sects and all factions of Pakistan regardless of their beliefs and religious proclivity and the ones fueling chaos, extremism and sectarianism will be dealt with in a stern manner.

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