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Monday, April 22, 2024

Children raise charity for those affected by earthquakes

The Ramadan Kids Initiative in London raise £34k during Ramadan to support Turkey-Syria earthquake victims.

Despite being considered too young to contribute meaningfully to society, children have demonstrated time and again that they possess immense potential to make a difference. This was exemplified when a group of London children raised a remarkable £34,000 during Ramadan, to support the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquakes that occurred in February. Since its inception three years ago, the Ramadan Kids initiative has tirelessly worked towards making a significant impact in society. Through their unwavering efforts, they have made a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

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The Ramadan Kids Initiative

The Ramadan Kids initiative was started by Zaavier Khan, a 12-year-old boy from east London. His goal was to raise £5,000 for food parcels for the charity Human Appeal and raise awareness of food poverty in the UK. The following year, he was joined by a team of 15 children who raised money for children’s mental health affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the Ramadan Kids campaign decided to raise money for orphans and children affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquakes. The children sold food from local restaurants and donated the money to the charity Supporting Humanity. They also partnered with the non-profit organisation Help Yateem to deliver aid to two orphanages in Turkey and Syria.

The Children’s Motivation

The children participating in the campaign were motivated by a desire to help those in need. Nine-year-old Muhammad Zidane, taking part for the second time, said that he was eager to help the children and families suffering in Turkey and Syria. Aiza Khoda, who was taking part in the campaign for the first time, said that she felt happy to be part of the initiative because the money they raised would help orphanages and provide food and other necessities. Zahra Patel, the eldest member of the group at 12 years old, said that it felt good to raise money to help those affected by the earthquakes. Encouraging more child involvement in charity to raise awareness, she stated, “I’d like for more people to know about it, for more kids to get involved in helping in the charity, and I’d like for it to be a more famous thing.”

The Impact of the Campaign

The Ramadan Kids campaign raised a significant amount of money for orphans and children affected by the earthquakes. The funds will go towards providing food, clothing, and other necessities for those in need. The campaign also helped to raise awareness of global issues among children and promote empathy and compassion.

Tahreem Noor, the mother of two of the children involved in the campaign, said that the initiative was an excellent way to teach children about giving back to the community. She believes that children are becoming more aware of global issues and are more empathetic because of changes in social platforms and means of engagement.

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The Ramadan Kids initiative has once again shown the incredible potential of children to make a difference in the world. Through their efforts, they have not only raised a significant amount of money for a worthy cause but also raised awareness and promoted empathy and compassion. It is hoped that the success of this campaign will inspire many more charities and individuals to take action and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.