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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

China’s new radars to make US’s stealth F35 aircrafts useless

As countermeasures to stealth aircraft, some of the most advanced weapons in the world that challenge air defense systems, several types of anti-stealth radar systems developed by China challenge the status quo ruled by US's F-35s

At a three-day-long World Radar Expo held in Nanjing, in East China’s Jiangsu province, China has revealed a new technology that is creating waves throughout the international media. At the event, the country revealed that China has developed advanced radars that would render the enemy’s stealth military aircrafts useless.

According to reports, these radars would be able to detect stealth fighter jets such as US F-35s as well as other military equipment like drones and even low-flying cruise missiles. This comes at a time when stealth aircraft technology had become a security threat, rendering air defense around the globe useless.

This event was co-hosted by the China Radar Industry Association, the China Electronics Technology Group Co (CETC), and the China Electronic Information Industry Group Co, in Nanjing, the birthplace of the nation’s radar industry.

According to Global Times, the radar was developed by No.14 Research Institute of the state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation or CETC. The SLC-7 L-band 3D surveillance radar system can engage with targets including stealth aircraft, helicopters, drones, cruise missiles, tactical ballistic missiles, near-space targets, and artillery shells and rockets, making it much more versatile than many competing products.

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According to the analysts, No.14 Research Institute, almost all characteristics of the SLC-7 fit the trend of modern radar development, as its specifications are on par with foreign mainstream radar systems like the AN-TPS-117 of the US and the Nebo-M of Russia.

In the age of the 5th generation, modern warfare this technology is much needed. Thus, another star of the exhibition was the YLC-8E UHF-band 3D surveillance radar system. It is dubbed as the flagship anti-stealth product of the Chinese military which is leading the current air-defense warfare.

According to the developer of the technology, the YLC-8E is reportedly able to detect even the most advanced stealth aircraft. Global Times reported the developer saying that most UHF-band radars suffer from low detection accuracy, but the developers of the YLC-8E solved this problem by meeting the high demands of components and processing power.

The YLC-8E is rightly dubbed, “terminator of drones”, as the Western world continues to invade the sovereignty of different Asia-Pacific nations for serving different ‘global security purposes’.

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The No.14 Research Institute has also developed the AUDS high-mobile anti-drone system based on the YLC-48 which can impact how countries respond to the use of stealth technology now the counter technology is possibly available.

The use of counter stealth technology was seen in Syria, where the Russian S-400s are deployed to detect the Israeli F-35. General Tod Wolters, who leads US European Command who said in 2019, “You cannot operate an F-35 in the vicinity of an S-400. They won’t talk to each other, and what the two systems will attempt to do, certainly the S-400 against the F-35 is an attempt to exploit the F-35’s capabilities. I can tell you that we aren’t interested in sharing the F-35’s capabilities from a radar perspective, from an operational perspective, with the Russians. We’ve made that very, very clear.”

The Russian S-400 could are seen as a threat by the US. This is clear by the fact that Turkey currently faces sanctions by the US, as the former attempted to buy the Russian technology. This has even impacted Pakistan’s Turkish T129 ATAK helicopter deal as the US denies giving Turkey the raw materials to manufacture the helicopter to be sold to Pakistan.

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It still remains to be seen how the US responds to the new counter stealth radar technology by China, as it is a major development in modern warfare as two countries are more at the throats of each other than any time before.