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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Chinese athletes disqualified for cheating from World Military Games

The incident of Chinese runners involved in cheating brought disgrace to the country who is hosting World Military Games first time.

The Chinese team has been disqualified from the Military World Games in China for cheating. The disqualification came after other participating teams of other countries alerted the judges of ‘extensive cheating’.

Originally the Chinese athletes had secured first, second and fourth positions in the women’s middle-distance orienteering competition, as well as second place in the men’s, during the race on Sunday.

The judges were awakened to cheating after six European countries including Russia and France, registered complaints that the Chinese runners were assisted by spectators. This included onlookers placing markings and preparing special paths in the terrain for Chinese athletes, which only those competitors were aware of.

The Military World Games are held every four years. The inaugural competition was held in 1995 in Rome

The Chinese team was banned from taking part in the long-distance orienteering competition, according to IOF.

“The IOF takes the actions of the Chinese team very seriously,” IOF Secretary General Tom Hollowell said in the statement, adding that the organization was “investigating if any further actions need to be taken to guarantee the fairness of competition at the upcoming World Cup final in Guangzhou, China from October 25.” The news was not widely reported in Chinese media, with the news outlet mostly cheering the triumphs of Chinese athletes in the games.

The Military World Games are held every four years. The inaugural competition was held in 1995 in Rome. This is China’s first time hosting the event, which will continue until October 30.

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China has built an athlete’s village in Wuhan for the 10-day event. The country’s president Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony.

9000 athletes from more than 109 countries are participating in the event. The events include swimming, parachuting, orienteering, and wrestling. China is currently leading the scoreboard, with Russia second in the race.

The latest update shows China has grabbed its 100th gold medal on the 7th day of the 7th Military World Games from women’s 1m springboard on Friday, becoming the first country to collect record gold medals in a single edition.