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Friday, May 24, 2024

Cleric Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza survives assassination attempt

The suspect had allegedly attacked Muhammad Ali Mirza with a sharp-edge knife on Sunday afternoon.

Punjab Police claims to have arrested one suspect on Monday in the assassination attempt on popular cleric Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza in Jhelum.

The suspect had allegedly attacked Muhammad Ali Mirza with a sharp-edge knife on Sunday afternoon. A case has been registered against him following the arrest.

Muhammad Ali Mirza is a resident of Machine Mohalla in Jhelum city who regularly updates his recorded videos and live lectures on Islam on his YouTube channel that has a 4.6 million following. The scholar has over 1600 videos on his YouTube channel.



Engineer Mirza has registered an FIR against the suspect under section 324 of the Pakistan Penal Code. In his complaint, he said that he delivered his weekly sermon at an institute in the building.

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The incident happened when Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza was having pictures with people after the sermon. A man came towards him intending to kill him in the presence of many people.

He added that the attacker intended to hit his neck, however, he moved quickly and was struck at the shoulder. Police said the cleric received a minor injury in the incident on his shoulder. He was allowed to go back home after given first aid.


The suspect has been identified as a 21-year-old resident of Lahore who had come to Jhelum with the intention of murder.

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The suspect after arrest criticized cleric Muhammad Ali Mirza for misleading people in his lectures. The cleric was arrested last year in June for hurling unpleasant remarks against known scholars. He was, however, released after the court accepted his bail plea. The assailant added that he misguide people through his unorthodox view on religion whereas his advocates believe he presents a rational view on various matters after in-depth study.