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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Fashion brand to finance madrasahs: Maulana Tariq Jameel

Maulana Jameel said that they had to halt the operations of the madrasah due to a lack of finances during COVID-19.

Islamic scholar, Maulana Tariq Jameel, has confirmed launching a fashion brand in a recent video posted on social media. He also explained the reason for launching the clothing brand.

Maulana Jameel said that they had to halt the operations of the madrasah due to a lack of financial funds during COVID-19. Hence, the earnings from the brand will be used to fund the activities of madrasahs, where students come to receive religious education.

“I would pray to God to create a scenario where we didn’t just have to rely on zakat from people,” he said.

“My madressah never had an administration asking for charity. It was always me getting in touch with people I know, who would then contribute whatever they liked. However, after the pandemic, I realized that everyone had been affected and I said to myself I cannot ask anyone for any more aid. I then wondered ‘how will the system work now?” he said, revealing how the idea came into being.

“When the pandemic hit, I then had the intention of starting a business whose profits could sustain the seminaries,” he added. He thanked his friends who helped him create a fashion retail brand.


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Fashion used for a noble cause

He explained that he did not create a business to only earn money. “My entire life, I haven’t made money,” he said. “God has blessed me with whatever I have. Instead, the profits will be used on the MTJ Foundation, which we envision can establish a great hospital and school,” Maulana Jameel said. Work on the projects is already in process and requires investment.

“In the Subcontinent, ulema involved in businesses are looked down upon and criticized, though I don’t know where this is coming from,” added Maulana Jameel citing the example of Imam Abu Hanifa who was a huge trader and cloth merchant of his time.

“In our era, a maulvi is only looked upon as a beggar. Someone who begs in front of people,” he said. He wishes that his business and institutions continue to grow and serve even after he departs from this world.

Earlier, last week the news of Maulana Jameel launching his clothing brand (MJT )went viral on social media prompting reactions from internet users.

The spokesperson of Maulana Jameel did not reveal many details, however, the brand will sell Kurta and Shalwar Kameez. A statement read by the brand of LinkedIn page described itself as “fashion retail brand strives to learn and exhibit the principles taught by Maulana and break the eroding stereotype.”

“MTJ being supervised directly by Maulana is dedicated to weaving people’s beliefs and convictions into reality. Provides a garment shopping platform to discover and re-associate with that lost identity that is ingrained in all of us,” added the spokesperson.

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“The brand works to holistically combine diverse heritage and values in producing garments for people to feel empowered and proud when they wear them to offices, in homes, functions, traveling, etc., and respectfully become the ambassadors of those inherited values by owning them,” read the page.

While some social media users have praised the upcoming possible business venture by Maulana Jameel, others had expressed disillusionment at him starting an enterprise.