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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

CPO responded to video of Policemen snatching leather jackets

In a humanitarian gesture, Rawalpindi Police returned the confiscated jackets from a poor roadside vendor on Murree Road in Rawalpindi. CPO Ahsan Younus himself visited the vendor and apologized for the misconduct of two police officials.

Rawalpindi City Police Officer, (CPO) Ahsan Younus suspended two officials who were caught forcibly confiscating leather jackets from a roadside vendor in Rawalpindi.

Younus took action on the video of a vendor circulating on social media in which he slammed the police officials who snatched 10-15 jackets from him and fled.

CPO Rawalpindi not only returned the jackets to the vendor but also met him and apologized for the misconduct of the police officials. He also embraced the vendor. The vendor was left surprised with a humanitarian gesture from the highest official of Rawalpindi police.

CPO ensured him a strict action will be taken against the culprits who are found pestering the underprivileged in the city.

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Rawalpindi Police shared the video of CPO Ahsan Younus’ surprise visit to the vendor. The video showed CPO Younus reached the vendor and asserted that Rawalpindi Police is ashamed and would ask for his forgiveness.

He reiterated that the city police is with the citizens and will ensure their protection. Vendor in returned praised the heartening gesture of CPO Younus, prayed for them. Vendor asserted that he cannot thank enough for the kind gesture.

CPO Ahsan Younus won the heart of people on the first day of service. He has assumed his charge as Rawalpindi City Police Officer on December 3rd. CPO Younus has performed as Regional Police Officers in different regions.

Senior and junior officials gave a warm welcome to CPO Younus upon his arrival in the office on Monday. Proactive CPO Younus immediately held the meeting with SPP Operations Tariq Wallayat, divisional SPs, SDPOs, and SHO. He introduced a new anti-crime plan in the meeting.

CPO issued directions to the subordinated to enhance patrolling in their areas. He also asked the Police officials to actively register complaints and work on cases against mafias and land grabbers.

CPO Younus instructed police officials to strictly deal with the dacoits and robbers and improve the response time in cases of street crimes. He also urged police officials to play an active role in the safety of women of children, saving them from sexual and physical assaults.

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He, further warned that the corrupt elements in the department will be treated as per the law and no leniency will be showed to them.

Certainly, CPO Ahsan Younus walked his words in the recent case of facilitating the vendor and returning him the snatched jackets by police officials. He has also initiated the inquiry in the matter indicating him CPO Younus as an upright officer who is determined to serve the people.