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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Cricket not for my daughters, feminists can say whatever they want: Shahid Afridi

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Shahid Afridi in his book Game Changer has stated that he will not allow his daughters to have outdoor sports no matter what feminist says about him.

The cricketer is the father of four daughters, named Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara and Aqsa Afridi. His eldest daughters are in their teens, hence, due to religious and political reasons, Shahid Afridi has clearly mentioned that he will not allow his daughters to play any outdoor sports including cricket.

Shahid Afridi wrote “It’s for social and religious reasons that I’ve made this decision regarding my daughters not competing in public sporting activities and their mother agrees with me. The feminists can say what they want; as a conservative Pakistani father, I’ve made my decision”

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“Ajwa and Asmara are the youngest and love to play dress-up. They have my permission to play any sport, as long as they’re indoors Cricket? No, not for my girls. They have permission to play all the indoor games they want, but my daughters are not going to be competing in public sporting activities.”

The star cricketer is, however, receiving flak on social media as people are definitely not happy with his statements. The netizens are admonishing him for being a typical middle-aged Pakistani father.

Besides this, Shahid Afridi has made other shocking revelations in his book regarding his age, and regressive behaviour of seniors towards him in the team.

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Afridi has unapologetically penned down his thoughts about both local and international players in his book. A few interesting excerpts from the book are even making rounds on social media. Afridi, however, unrestrained, pointed at the attitude problem of Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir, who has now joined the Bharatiya Janata Party, in his book.

Shahid Afridi also loathed about his unpleasant experience with legendary cricketer Javed Miandad during India’s visit in 1999.

He wrote that during the trip Miandad wanted to drop Afridi from the test squad since he did not like his batting style and technique. He only made his comeback in the team after being backed by Wasim Akram and chief selector.