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Cut in the Defence Budget: Army sends a clear message to its critics

Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the Pakistan Armed Forces for their "unprecedented voluntary initiative of stringent cuts". The prime minister was particularly appreciative of the armed forces' decision, in view of the "multiple security challenges" confronting the nation.


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Calling it “not a small step at all”, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry tweeted, “Only a strong civil-military coordination can rescue Pakistan from the deep problems of governance and economy.” The army’s decision, he said, “shows a complete trust in the leadership of Prime Minister by an important institution”.

After the news went viral the Indian media started propagating against Pakistan and questioned its defensive capabilities. While responding to the negative Indian propaganda, the Director General (DG) Inter Services Public Relation (ISPR) has reminded them the recent international embarrassment.

Decision by armed forces a blow to critics

Analysts believe that the decision by the armed forces to not increase their budget, is actually a major blow to all the critics who always said the incumbent government is selected and brought in by the establishment, with the intention to increase their influence and budget. But contrary to what had been discussed and argued on electronic and print media, the armed forces have decided to stand behind the incumbent government.

Ahmad Noorani of The News also appreciated the decision and hoped that it shall continue.

Common citizens appreciated the decision and reaffirmed their commitment to stand by the armed forces.

It also needs to be noted that the Indian sponsored propaganda in Pakistan also blamed the army forces for the suffering of the people of tribal areas. But now it has been established that the army has sacrificed for those affected areas.

A few days ago, PTM led by Manzoor Pashteen claimed that the army opened fire on the protesters and killed 13 activists. Later on, the army spokesperson clarified the matter and brought the facts before the nation that a group of people, under the leadership of an elected member of parliament, attacked an army check post and demanded the release of an alleged facilitator of a terrorist. When refused, stated the ISPR, the charged mob attacked the personnel, causing the death of a soldier.

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The current move by the armed forces, which has been made while keeping into view the sufferings of people of tribal areas and Balochistan, raises serious questions about the emergence and motives behind the PTM.

Moreover, people demanded the parliamentarians to decrease their allowances and other perks and privileges to help the government deal with the ongoing economic crisis.

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