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Daughters of Sindh policemen to get free B.Ed. eductaion

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Sindh Police in collaboration with ‘Durbeen’ has initiated a free B. Ed. educational program for the daughters for Sindh Police officials in a bid to promote the girl’s education. B.Ed is a graduation program designed to prepare students to work as teacher in schools. Sindh Police Inspector General Syed Kaleem Imam made the announcement in the event on Saturday.

He announced that 80 seats in the program have been reserved for the daughter of Sindh Police officials. He also thanked social welfare organization ‘Durbeen’ that has been working for teachers’ education and its CEO Salma for keeping a special place for the policemen’s daughters in the program.

The girls will be provided free education under the guidance policy designed by a Finland’s university, University of Helsinki. The policemen daughters will be provided free B.Ed. education that will help them acquire jobs in both the public and private sector and hence will help in reducing the rate of unemployment.

Inspector General Sindh Kaleem Imam also appreciated the serious efforts made by AIG Welfare Sindh Dr. Rizwan Ahmed for the welfare of police officials and their families. IG Sindh Imam expressed gratitude towards the team of welfare organization for thinking deeply for daughters of police officials.

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He opined that such humanitarian measures will boost the morale and performance of Sindh police officials. Dr. Kaleem Imam informed that he is happy over the recent agreement finalised between Sindh Police and the city’s best schools regarding the education of the children of martyr and serving Police officials.

Later on, Shehzad Roy took to Twitter and shared the news with his followers and appreciated the free education initiative of Sindh Police. Senior journalist Hamid Mir also appreciated the wonderful initiative. They both recognized the importance of female education and how it can be crucial in alleviating poverty and unemployment in the country.

Besides the dignitaries, the commoners also hailed the impressive and constructive decision of Sindh Police.

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